American Horror Story: 10 Unanswered Questions We Still About Coven

Though we've seen the witches of AHS: Coven reappear throughout the horror anthology series, there are still many plot holes in the third season.

American Horror Story Coven

Each season of American Horror Story leaves fans with its fair share of unsolved mysteries. In the third season of the popular anthology series, audiences were introduced to the sleek and chic world of the witches of New Orleans, as well as further exploring the supernatural elements of the AHS universe.

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The witches of Coven returned in Season 7's Apocalypse, where they interacted with the spirits of Murder House whilst taking on the Antichrist, Michael Langdon. Apocalypse solved some of the mysteries from Coven, but there are still questions from the third season that remain unanswered.

10 Is Cordelia Still Infertile?

Sarah Paulson

At the beginning of the season, audiences are introduced Cordelia Good, who seeks help from Marie Laveau and the voodoo priestesses after struggling to conceive a child.

The show seems to hint that the fertility issues are on Cordelia's end, though whether or not her fertility problems continued after she became the new Supreme remain unclear. Cordelia's desire to have a baby isn't brought up again after Hank's death.

9 What Was The Point Of The Witch Hunters?

The witch hunters seemed to be an afterthought in Coven's narrative. Hank is revealed to be a double agent and instrumental in the acid attack that blinds Cordelia, but the mysterious Delphi Trust have little effect on the storyline overall.

Fiona and Marie take out the remaining witch hunters, including Hank's father, Harrison. The faction is not heard from again, despite posing a genuine threat to the witches of New Orleans.

8 Does Zoe Still Have Her Fatal Sexual Powers?

Whilst sleeping with her boyfriend, Zoe's powers begin to manifest for the first time, putting the unsuspecting boy into a coma and forcing Zoe's parents to send her to Miss Robichaux's Academy.

Zoe uses her powers again to take revenge on one of the frat boys who assaulted Madison, but this mysterious power of hers is never mentioned afterward. Marie comments that Zoe's powers are strong and she manages to perform some of the Seven Wonders, though the exact nature of her abilities is never fully explained.

7 Where Did Kyle Go?

Evan Peters

Kyle was the second character inspired by Frankenstein's monster on the show. The honorable college boy is shown defending Madison from his fellow frat members in the opening episode, though he still meets a grisly end after the enraged witch causes their bus to explode.

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Madison and Zoe revive Kyle and in the season finale of Coven, he replaces Spalding as the new butler. However, he is not seen in the Murder House/Coven crossover season, Apocalypse, implying that something must have happened to him. But what?

6 Why Did Cordelia Have Health Issues If She Was The Next Supreme?

One of the signs that indicate the identity of the next Supreme is glowing, radiant health. In that case, why was Cordelia struggling with her health and fertility in the beginning of Coven if she was always destined to take over her mother's legacy?

Cordelia being the next Supreme makes sense symbolically, as she is the only person Fiona loves enough to relinquish her life and power for. However, the reveal was still surprising considering the limited power Cordelia had exhibited for most of the season.

5 How Do Misty's Resurrection Powers Work?

Misty Day is one of the most iconic characters in American Horror Story. Her shawls and scarves set her apart from the rest of the witches, as well as her exceptional powers of Resurgence that even some Supremes have been known to struggle with.

Misty is shown being burnt at the stake by townspeople before bringing herself back to life with her powers. It makes sense that Misty can focus her powers on others to bring them back from the dead, but how exactly could she revive herself when she had already passed over?

4 Why Didn't Marie Laveau Make Fiona Immortal?

Fiona's goal throughout Coven is to achieve immortality, something Marie Laveau obtained. This ability was given to her by Papa Legba, though he rejects Fiona when she makes the same request as she "has no soul."

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Marie makes Delphine LaLaurie immortal before burying her alive as punishment for killing Marie's lover, so why didn't the Voodoo Queen do the same thing for Fiona when she was desperate to avoid death?

3 If Queenie Could Resurrect Misty, Then Why Couldn't She Revive Zoe?

The powers of the witches in Coven were often inconsistent. Queenie's abilities are at first portrayed as being the living incarnation of a voodoo doll, before the young witch begins exhibiting more powers as the season progresses.

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Queenie manages to resurrect Misty, but her powers fail to work after Zoe accidentally impales herself performing Transmutation during the Seven Wonders trial. Zoe is instead resurrected by Cordelia after Madison leaves her to die.

2 Is There A Place For Innocent Souls?


Papa Legba was Gatekeeper to the Underworld throughout Coven. The character is based on a real-life voodoo entity, and ferries souls to their own versions of hell in the afterlife.

Papa Legba comments that there is a place for innocent souls, though the exact nature of where they go or what happens to them remain a mystery. Nan reappears in Apocalypse as Papa Legba's assistant, although she was condemned in Coven for the murder of Joan Ramsey.

1 Did Cordelia Know Who Delphine Was?

Delphine LaLaurie is rescued from her grave by Fiona in an effort to provoke Marie Laveau, before the Supreme forces the sadistic serial killer into servitude at Miss Robichaux's. Delphine has no choice but to comply, though the decision to have an immortal racist murderer as the school's new maid remains questionable.

It is unknown whether or not Cordelia knew who Delphine was, or if she objected to Delphine's new role at the school.

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