American Horror Story: 10 Best Dressed Characters In Coven, Ranked

American Horror Story has been a hit from the start, not just for great stories and acting, but for costumes! We rank Coven's best dressed characters!

The witches of American Horror Story: Coven dress with style. Each character has a flair of their own that encompasses their identity whilst also sticking to the witch chic aesthetic of the anthology horror series' third season.

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The Coven and the voodoo tribe of New Orleans wore several stunning pieces, many of which were from vintage and designer collections. The all-black clothing seems to be a uniform of Miss Robichaux's Academy that unites the witches, but none of them blend into the background by any means. Here are the ten best-dressed characters from Coven, ranked.

10 Myrtle Snow

Myrtle Snow has a timeless, eccentric style that is bold and outspoken. Her bright orange hair and colorful clothes stand out from the rest of the witches' all-black uniforms, symbolizing this witch's desire to step out of the shadow of Supreme Witch Fiona Goode and forge her own identity.

Myrtle's style remains the same in Apocalypse as it is in Coven. Flamboyant in nature, writer Ryan Murphy stated that Myrtle's style "hasn't changed since high school," signifying that she has found comfort in her skin.

9 Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks has a guest appearance in Coven and another in Apocalypse, both times featuring in an episode to serenade her superfan and fellow white witch, Misty Day. The musical icon and Fleetwood Mac frontwoman retain her trademark style during both appearances, fitting in nicely with the Coven's aesthetic.

Stevie gifts one of her iconic shawls to Misty in Coven as a symbolic passing of the torch and blessing before the young witch attempts the Seven Wonders. She is said to have had the final say on her costume, since she appeared as herself in American Horror Story.

8 Nan

Nan wore the same all-black uniform as all the other witches at Miss Robichaux's Academy. Many of her outfits worked as a visual bridge between the styles of Zoe and Queenie. Nan often opted for loose black dresses with long sleeves and flowing skirt for a witch-like appeal, sometimes paired with a black hat.

The clairvoyant didn't make it through Coven, as her character was drowned in a bathtub by Fiona Goode and Marie Laveau. However, Nan finds some semblance in the afterlife as Papa Legba's helper, enjoying causing "trouble" in Hell.

7 Queenie

Queenie's style matured as the character progressed, with her attire as a teacher in Apocalypse more formal than her wardrobe in Coven. Queenie also tends to opt for black clothing, as well as leather vests and bold jewelry.

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Like Nan, Queenie also meets a grisly end. She is murdered in Hotel by James Patrick March before being resurrected by Michael Langdon, resuming her role on the Witch Council and as a teacher at Miss Robichaux's.

6 Zoe Benson

Taissa Farmiga is no stranger to playing well-dressed characters in American Horror Story. In Murder House she played Violet Harmon, the troubled teenage ghost with a penchant for grunge fashion and in Coven, she has a similar style as Zoe Benson.

Zoe is often seen wearing black clothing, with long dresses and baggy sweaters on top. Like Queenie, her style matures in Apocalypse to reflect her new status as teacher and Witch Council member.

5 Cordelia Goode

Cordelia's style reflects her powers and personal growth. At the beginning of Coven, she is in the shadow of her mother Fiona, dressed more plainly than the sophisticated Supreme. However, Cordelia comes into herself as the series progresses and by the time she reappears in Apocalypse she looks every bit the glamorous Witch Queen.

Cordelia, Madison, and Myrtle break out the witch uniforms again for their dramatic entrance to Outpost 3. All three witches arrive in sync with flowing black capes to take on the Antichrist.

4 Marie Laveau

The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans had an impeccable style. Her long braid and beaded jewelry set her apart from the witches of Miss Robichaux's, encompassing the aesthetic of her tribe and letting people know that she was a force to be reckoned with.

Marie opted for playsuits in bold colors, making her look less traditionally feminine. The scene in which she addresses Cordelia whilst draped across her throne has become an iconic representation of one of the series' best characters as well as an outstanding performance by actress Angela Bassett.

3 Madison Montgomery

Madison Montgomery dressed to impress. The powerful witch tended to wear dresses that were bolder and more provocative, with rigid lines and short hems as opposed to the flowing skirts of her sister witches.

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From the very start of Coven, Madison's style sets apart from the other witches, symbolizing her alienation from them. In Apocalypse, her style blends in with the other witches better, reflecting her changed attitude (and new loyalty) to the Coven.

2 Misty Day

Misty Day's style also set her apart from the other witches, representing her isolation from the Coven as she sought out her true tribe. Heavily inspired by Stevie Nicks, Misty wears lace dresses and shawls with long frills, as well as long boots for treks through the bayou.

Misty's style has made her one of the most iconic characters in American Horror Story. Her hippie style represents her peaceful nature as well as her affinity with all things natural and earthly.

1 Fiona Goode

Actress Jessica Lange told writer Ryan Murphy that she wanted to play a sophisticated and well-dressed character, and Fiona Goode doesn't disappoint. The Supreme witch is impeccably dressed even as her body succumbs to cancer, with expensive black dresses and stiletto heels that she pairs with a black witch's hat for an ironic Halloween costume.

Fiona's style was classy and glamorous, reflecting the nature of this ambitious witch who had nothing but the best for herself. Her wardrobe has been similar since she was a teenager, heavily inspired by the witch aesthetic and a taste for the finer things in life.

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