30Cordelia And Hank Foxx

AHS Hank And Cordelia Foxx

It’s easy to forget that back during Cordelia Foxx’s introduction in AHS: Coven, the character had a completely disposable husband, Hank. Cordelia and Hank’s marriage appeared to be the typical dysfunctional relationship, but it turns out that not only was Hank unfaithful but that he lied to Cordelia about

everything. He’s actually a witch-hunting member of the Delphi Trust whose name is Henry Renard. Matters are on the rocks between Cordelia and Hank before his secrets come to light and Queenie puts him out of his misery.

Many of the Coven characters returned in AHS: Apocalypse, but no one brings up Hank, even to get in digs at the character. He’s better off forgotten.

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