American Horror Story: 10 Unanswered Questions We Still Have About Asylum

American Horror Story starring Jessica Lange came out in 2012 yet we still have burning questions for the scary FX series. Let's answer them!

American Horror Story has now become a sprawling, cross-over filled story with an interconnected universe, no doubt inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe as most things with interconnected universes are. It even has time travel in season eight, Apocalypse, just like Marvel's Avengers: Endgame has. Except this time, it's Mallory doing the time-traveling as opposed to Tony Stark and co (there's a ridiculous cross-over waiting to happen). But while the MCU is mostly pretty good at wrapping things up, AHS has a tendency to leave a lot of doors open. With that in mind, here are 10 unanswered questions we still have about their second season, Asylum - possibly their best season to date.

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10 Why Don't The Dead Get Trapped In Asylum Like They did In Murder House?

While season one of the show entirely revolves around the fact that those who die in the murder house get trapped there, it is never explained if this phenomenon occurs elsewhere. There have been just as many acts of evil in the asylum than there has in the murder house (if not more), so why don't those who die in asylum remain trapped there, too? It's never explained as to why the murder house is the only AHS locations where the dead get trapped where they die.

9 Did Sister Jude Consider Herself Mentally Ill?

Sister Jude, played by two-time Oscar winner and Ryan Murphy's favorite Jessica Lange, considers mental illness to be the fashionable explanation for sin, which is why she registers Lana (Sarah Paulson) in the asylum for homosexuality and doesn't have the greatest of views on interracial marriage. But considering her own chequered past in which she was a sleazy bar singer who almost killed a little girl whilst drink-driving home one night, does she not consider herself mentally ill? She has sinned greatly and was an alcoholic, so if she follows her own belief system she, too, is mentally ill.

8 Where Did Kit Go?

In the season finale of American Horror Story: Asylum, "Madness Ends", it was revealed that Evan Peters' Kit developed pancreatic cancer at the age of 40. It is then revealed that he disappeared without a trace - however, in reality, he was re-abducted by the aliens who previously resurrected Grace and abducted Kit initially.

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It is likely that this second abduction was more of an agreement between the aliens and Kit after they proved to be a positive effect on his life. But where did they take Kit? Did they take him away to die? Did they heal him again and release him somewhere back on Earth? Or did they take him back to their home planet, perhaps?

7 Why Were The Aliens Fixated On Kit?

It's never really explained why the aliens in AHS: Asylum had a complete fixation on Evan Peters' Kit. Not only did they abduct him twice, but they resurrected the mother of his baby (Grace, played by Lizzie Brocheré), sending her into labor, and took him away with them in the season finale when he developed pancreatic cancer. This is what happened. But why did it happen? What was about Kit that the aliens were so fascinated by, that caused them to continually surface and meddle in his life? It is briefly explained that they chose him because of his kindness, but come on, there must be a bigger reason than that?

6 How Did Judy's Mind Heal?

American Horror Story Asylum Jessica Lange

Thomas and Julia, the children of Kit and Grace/Alma (Britne Oldford), are pretty special. While one was born naturally by Alma (or so we assume), the other was born via the influence of the aliens, who resurrected Grace and brought her back on the verge of labor. This meant that these kids had some strange connection to the aliens, which came to fruition with Judy - now going by her real name after the collapse of Sister Jude.

After the mentally ill Judy chased the kids around Kit's house with a broom, the children simply took her hands and lead her into the woods. Judy then came back with her mind inexplicably healed and she became genuinely happy for the first time in her life. Did the children themselves heal her with powers granted from their alien-connection? Or did Thomas and Julia take Judy to the aliens, where they healed her? What exactly happened in those woods?

5 Why Did The Aliens Abduct And Impregnate Grace?

It is no surprise that most of the questions on this list concern the aliens from the second season of American Horror Story. The aliens were the chief criticism detractors of the season would point to, accusing them of being easy plot devices. Whatever the case, their inclusion certainly raises a lot of questions - chiefly why they did the things they did.

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Grace was killed by Frank after jumping in front of a bullet to save Kit, after which Dr. Arden (James Cromwell) took her body outside to be consumed by the Raspers. However, the aliens then abducted Grace's body only to later return her on the cusp of labor with Kit's child. Did the aliens do this to save a pure soul? Did they wish to offer some good to a victim of the asylum? Or did they do it for Kit? They did have a fixation on him, after all.

4 Was Johnny Morgan Genuinely Remorseful?

Dylan McDermott as Johnny Morgan in American Horror Story

In the then-present day segments of "Madness Ends", the asylum season finale set in 2013, an older Lana (Sarah Paulson) is confronted by Johnny Morgan (Dylan McDermott), the son of Lana and Bloody Face/Oliver Thredson after the latter raped the former. Morgan initially vows to kill Lana, believing his mother kept him and his 'loving' father apart. Lana convinces him otherwise, telling him that he is not a killer like his father. Morgan then proceeds to break down, sobbing at his life of torment and lowers his gun,  admitting he has 'hurt people.' Can someone who did the things Morgan did truly be remorseful? Lana prevented us from finding out by shooting Morgan in the face.

3 Did Dr. Arden Have a Past With Nazi-Hunter Sam Goodman?

James Cromwell's Dr. Arden remains one of the more popular (and creepiest) antagonists of American Horror Story thanks to a great performance, terrifying experiments and a great backstory for the character - one that revealed Arden to be a Nazi doctor by the name of Hans Grüper. Charlotte Brown, convinced she is Anne Frank, identifies Arden as Grüper, leading to Sister Jude hiring Israeli Nazi-hunter Sam Goodman to investigate the case. Goodman is eventually killed by Mary Eunice, but how did Goodman identify Cromwell's Arden as Grüper so quickly? It is reasonable to believe that the Jewish Goodman and Nazi Arden had a past. Perhaps Goodman crossed paths with the Nazi doctor at a concentration camp during the war?

2 What Happened To Leigh Emerson?

Ian McShane as Leigh Emerson in American Horror Story

Ian McShane's threatening performance as asylum inmate Leigh Emerson is pretty memorable. Emerson attempts to attack and rape Jessica Lange's Sister Jude, before faking repentance and crucifying Joseph Fiennes' Monsignor.

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The Monsignor survived the ordeal, while Emerson managed to escape the asylum. We don't know what really happened after this, but Lana tells Kit that she heard that Emerson went on a murderous rampage upon his escape, killing seven nuns. Did Emerson get caught? Did he kill even more nuns? Or did he retire somewhere and live quietly? We have no idea where Emerson went or what happened to him.

1 Was Alma Possessed When She Killed Grace?

It seemed out of character for the previously-passive Alma to have a sudden 'moment of madness' and kill Grace with an ax. Sure, she was living in complete fear that the aliens might return someday, was frustrated by Grace's hopes that the aliens would return, and struggled with the polyamorous relationship she was in with Kit and Grace, but would those things really make her a killer? Perhaps Alma, like Mary Eunice (Lily Rabe) was possessed when she wielded the ax? This would certainly explain why a character would switch to murder and evil so quickly and would reflect Mary Eunice's transition from innocent and naive to pure evil.

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