'American Horror Story: Asylum' Trailers Tease Season 2 Clues (Updated)

American Horror Story: Asylum

Images and teaser videos for season one of American Horror Story, from Glee-creator, Ryan Murphy, first started appearing online just over a year ago. At the time, most potential viewers assumed that the bizarre (and downright) creepy visuals were little more than disconnected shock and awe marketing - as if FX cherry-picked a few of the more abstract (and disturbing) scenes as poster children for a series that moment-to-moment would probably be a lot more grounded. Of course, for anyone who has actually seen American Horror Story, it's hard to imagine being more mistaken - as much of the season one marketing is tame in comparison to the actual happenings in the series.

As a result, what are we to make of the teaser trailers for the second chapter of American Horror Story, subtitled Asylum? Over the course of the last few days, FX has been releasing short (and, unsurprisingly, creepy) fifteen-second vignettes for season two of the critically acclaimed series. In keeping with prior teases, the clips are beautifully shot and absolutely creepy, raising plenty of questions.

While most season two details are still being kept under wraps (or locked away - deep in solitary confinement), the disturbing images depicted in the teasers are likely to come full circle when the series returns to FX. Don't expect shot by shot recreations of the teasers but it'd be extremely surprising if the Asylum storyline didn't at some point hinge on dismembered body parts, a blue coat, hydrotherapy tank, and white rose, among others (in the same way that flames, a white dress, and the rubber-man suit were integral to the "Murder House" story).

Check out the latest American Horror Story teasers Blue Coat (#2), Hydrobath (#3), White Rose (#4), Ascend (#5), Glass Prison (#6), The Bucket (#7), White Rave (#8), Taste (#9), Bandages (#10), Fork (#11), Stitches (#12), Save Us (#13), Hellevator (#14), Slipping (#15), Veiled (#16), Spinning (#17), Exam (#18), Woods (#19), Spiral (#20), Awakening (#21), Door (#22), and Face (#23) below. In case you missed it, Special Delivery (#1) is at the top of the page:


As we've previously reported, season two of the series will not follow in the aftermath of season one (at least not directly) - and, instead, will focus on equally horrifying events in a mental institution. Ever since the series was first announced Murphy (and co-creator Brad Falchuk) had asserted that each installment would tell a unique story (as part of a larger horror anthology) - not serve as a continuation of core American Horror Story "Murder House" character arcs. That said, the series will still see the return of several regular cast members, including Jessica Lange and Zachary Quinto, but serving in entirely different roles this round.

It's hard to know what to expect from the upcoming season, given the intriguing mix of returning actors but entirely new story and character material; however, fans can take comfort in knowing that Murphy and Falchuk have enjoyed plenty of time to plan the Asylum chapter - since FX ordered season two of American Horror Story after airing only four episodes of the series.


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American Horror Story: Asylum debuts on FX this October.

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