'American Horror Story' Season 2 Finale - Did it Deliver?

American Horror Story Season 2 Finale

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When American Horror Story season 2 began, the highly-populated Briarcliff storyline may have felt a bit off when compared to last season. But in the end, did the season 2 finale deliver a satisfying ending to the terrifying tales of the "mentally insane?"

In the finale episode, flashbacks and revelations helped tell the complete story of Kit Walker, Sister Jude and Lana Winter, following their life-changing stay at Briarcliff. Although, in the end, some characters received a more satisfying conclusion than others, the actual story of their post-asylum adventures proved rather compelling.

Kit Walker, now without any wives, took it upon himself to do what Lana failed to do and rescued Sister Jude from Briarcliff. After bringing her back to his house and helping her get off her medication, Kit and his two children helped to return Sister Jude to her former self, ultimately welcoming her in to their family. Six months later, Sister Jude passed away in Kits house, finally accepting a kiss from the Angel of Death.

For Kit, his end came much later than Sister Jude. After developing pancreatic cancer, Lana said the Kit just disappeared one day. And with a quick glimpse at Kit's final moments, the audience sees that the bright lights have returned, suggesting that the aliens came to take him. But to where?

American Horror Story - Madness Ends

Now-Cardinal Timothy Howard was eventually confronted by Lana with evidence that he knew of Dr. Arden's experiments and killings. Although Arden never admitted to Lana that he was involved, he eventually killed himself in the privacy of his own home.

The proverbial lead character of American Horror Story season 2, Lana Winter, who is now an elderly, acclaimed investigative journalist, received the lengthiest conclusion. After being asked to reminisce about her past Briarcliff experience, it was through her journey that the fates of Kit, Sister Jude and Timothy Howard were revealed. Upon Lana finishing the interview, the abandoned son of Bloody Face confronted his mother, threatening her with a gun. However, since Lana knew that her son was looking for her, she was prepared, and she ultimately took the gun from her son and shot him in the head.

Now that you know what happened, did the American Horror season 2 finale deliveries a satisfying conclusion? Should there been more of an explanation of the aliens? Should Lana's story have ended differently?

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American Horror Story season 3 premieres in October on FX.

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