American Horror Story: 20 Unresolved Mysteries And Plot Holes Apocalypse Left Hanging

Ryan Murphy did what all fans thought was impossible and finally connected the many different worlds of American Horror Story. This season, American Horror Story: Apocalypse, has had everyone on the edge of their seats, just waiting to see what past characters and storylines he will tie in next. Apocalypse has roots in season 1, when the Antichrist Michael was originally conceived.

From there, the worlds of Coven, Hotel, and Murder House all combine. AHS: Apocalypse starts at the end of the world, and slowly works its way back until we figure out how everything came to be. We find out how the witches from Coven play a key role in Michael's demise, and there are many twists and turns in the process. What everyone was waiting to see is how it would all end. Unfortunately, the final episode left us with many more questions than answers.

The season finale of AHS: Apocalypse was shorter than usual finales, but jam packed with action all the same. In what seemed like a desperate attempt to tie up all loose ends, many were left hanging. Destroying Michael clearly didn't save the world from an Antichrist, but it did leave us with many plot holes and questions. We can only hope that Ryan Murphy decides to extend this season or at least continue working within the same American Horror Story world. Maybe all of our questions will be answered in later seasons, but for now, we can only speculate as to what may happen.

These are 20 Unresolved Mysteries And Plot Holes American Horror Story: Apocalypse Left Hanging.

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AHS Unresolved Tate Violet
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20 Will Tate and Violet ever be together?

AHS Unresolved Tate Violet

When Mallory goes back in time to run the Antichrist over with a car, it changes more than a few things in the future. One of these butterfly effects directly involves Tate and Violet from the first season of American Horror Story season 1.

Tate and Violet's continuing conflict stems from the fact that Tate assaulted Violet's mother to create the first Antichrist. When Madison Montgomery and Behold Chablis go to the house to investigate Michael, Madison convinces Violet to forgive Tate, explaining that Michael has taken the evil from him. With no Antichrist to deal with, Madison never would have gone there. It is more than likely that Violet has still never forgiven Tate, and sadly this means that one of our favorite American Horror Story couples never gets back together.

19 Why didn't Michael survive the car?

AHS Unresolved Michael Hit By Car

Many fans were disappointed at the less-than-climactic way that Michael was finished off. When Mallory goes back in time, she chooses a moment where Constance Langdon decides to throw Michael out of the house. Mallory finds him in the street, and runs him over three times with a car. Michael begs Constance to bring him back into the house so he can live there forever with her. She refuses, and he is left in the street.

It is possible that his powers weren't as developed at a young age, but we have witnessed Michael survive far worse. After seeing Michael survive bombs and fires, and even Madison mowing him down with a machine gun, watching him come to his end via car is a bit underwhelming.

18 Were more people under the identity spell?

AHS Unresolved Identity Spell

American Horror Story is no stranger to using one actor to play multiple characters. One of the most well-versed in this is Evan Peters, who has played as many as five characters in one season. The simple fact that Evan Peters and Billy Eichner played two characters in one season isn't enough to make a case, but the fact that they were both so closely related to Coco and Mallory has us wondering.

When Coco and Mallory were under the identity spell, they were close friends with Mr. Gallant (Peters) and Brock (Eichner). Mr. Gallant's grandmother (played by Joan Collins) was also under an identity spell. Myrtle Snow may have cast the spell on Jeff and Mutt as a form of punishment, and to keep the witches identities secret.

17 Who is Rubberman in outpost 3?

AHS Unresolved Rubberman

We were first introduced to Rubberman back in season 1, where it is revealed that Tate is in fact the man behind the mask. He wears the suit while conceiving the Antichrist, Michael, with Violet's mother. Rubberman then makes an appearance in Apocalypse at Outpost 3. Mr. Gallant believes it is Michael, which Michael denies. This is proven when Michael is wandering the halls as Mr. Gallant and Rubberman have some alone time. It's also worth pointing out that Evan Peters having scenes with Rubberman is an ironic moment, seeing as how Peters played the original.

If it's not Tate, and it's not Michael, who is it? When Mr. Gallant eventually stabs the person he thinks is Rubberman, it turns out to be his grandmother. Is Rubberman just a figment of imagination that Michael is controlling? We may never know.

16 Did Mallory have to go to the outpost?

AHS Unresolved Mallory Outpost

If the finale seemed rushed, that's because it was. There was a lot that Ryan Murphy had left to cover, and not a lot of time to do it. When Cordelia decides to put Mallory under the identity spell and place her in the outpost, her reasoning is shaky at best.

Mallory is told that the only way she will survive is "under Michael's nose" at the bunker. This turns out to not be true, seeing as how the rest of the witches survive by burying themselves. We see them rising from the dirt after the world has ended. The only possible explanation is that Cordelia wasn't sure if burying themselves would work, and didn't want to risk Mallory. But if they didn't survive, and Cordelia never broke the identity spell, would it have mattered anyway?

15 How did Emily and Timothy create the antichrist?

AHS Unresolved Emily Timothy Antichrist

The biggest plot hole in the finale has to do with the second Antichrist. In this new timeline, Emily and Timothy meet once again, and conceive the new Antichrist. There is a huge problem with this if Ryan Murphy is trying to stay true to past seasons, especially season 1.

Back in season 1, Billie Dean Howard talks to Constance Langdon about the Antichrist. Billie Dean tells Constance of a box in the Sistine Chapel containing "the secret of the end of the world" involving "the precise nature of the Antichrist: a child born of human and spirit will usher in the End of Times. It is the essence of evil." As far as we know, Emily and Timothy are both human, which would make it impossible for them to create an Antichrist.

14 What was the point of the beginning?

AHS Unresolved Beginning Plot

Remember the entire beginning plotline? It had to do with the supposed Sanctuary that Michael promised everyone. He originally claimed to have come to Outpost 3 in order to select a few special people to continue on with him to the Sanctuary.

A simple explanation for all of this could be that Michael was just messing with everyone, which seems like something the son of Satan would likely enjoy. Considering everything that took place after the fact, however, it seems like a bit of a wasted storyline. While the apocalypse and outpost were all meant to set up a greater plot, it seems like quite a few episodes were spent on things that we could have done without.

13 Will the new antichrist be worse?

AHS Unresolved Antichrist Baby

Regardless of the plot holes involved with how the second Antichrist was conceived, he seems to be here non theless. Emily and Timothy, after taking a night to themselves, come home to find their babysitter lifeless on the floor. In a scene that echoes Michael at the end of season 1 almost exactly, we see the new Antichrist sitting in a rocking chair, smiling, with the babysitter's blood both literally and figuratively on his hands.

Mallory may have done more than just delay the inevitable; she may have made things worse. The demons in hell are aware of the second timeline that Mallory created, meaning Satan himself is also aware of what she did, and likely not happy about it. This could mean that the second Antichrist will be even more destructive than the first.

12 Could Michael have been saved?

AHS Unresolved Antichrist Saved

Michael is definitely an Antichrist with layers. While he is clearly ruthless when it comes to taking lives, there is also another side of him that we get to see. When Michael is talking to Mutt and Jeff about how he plans to take over the world, they are shocked at the lack of evil in his plans. When it comes down to it, Michael is lost, and he looks to everyone around him for guidance - especially his mother figures.

In the finale we see just how much Michael loves Constance, and is hurt by her rejection. Then there is Ms. Mead, the mother figure Michael loves so much that he has her recreated as a robot to be with him. Had someone steered Michael in another direction, could things have gone differently?

11 How did Mallory know Constance threw Michael out?

When Madison and Behold first go to the house, they hear Constance's story of her time raising Michael. She tells them of when she finds Michael with the priest; the same instance that causes Constance to throw Michael out and then get run over in the street by Mallory. The only problem is, Constance doesn't mention throwing Michael out to Madison and Behold. Instead, she tells them how that event caused her to take her own life so she could stay in the house forever.

How did Mallory know to go back to that exact moment when Constance never mentioned throwing Michael out? Did she plan to enter the house, but saw Michael on the street and took her opportunity? It is never made clear how this all comes together.

10 How does the timeline spell work?

AHS Unresolved Time Spell

The timeline spell that Mallory uses to go back in time and run over Michael has more than a few variables. The first time she tries the spell, things go very differently. When Mallory first goes back in time to try to save Russian royalty, she not only fails, but she gets jolted back into the present. It's only a projection of herself in the past, while her body remains in the bathtub.

The second time Mallory tries the timeline spell, she is able to control the spell enough to keep herself back in time, while still remembering all events of the previous timeline. Either she was able to master the spell differently a second time, or there are no real rules to how it works.

9 Where was the pilot?

AHS Unresolved Plane Pilot

In the first episode we see Coco, Mallory, Mr. Gallant, and Evie Gallant fly off in an air plane that, it turns out, has no pilot. Forgetting the fact that the plane somehow took off with no help, the crew next show up at the outpost with no explanation as to how they got there or what happened to the pilot.

They clearly didn't suffer a plane crash, and if they did, they all survived it pretty well. With so much to wrap up in the season, it's really no surprise that they never got back to this detail. Nevertheless, it's a large plot hole that fans noticed in the beginning, and probably should have been addressed.

8 Who is the real supreme now?

When Mallory resets the entire world by destroying the Antichrist, she decides to stay back in time and join the Coven. We see a happy moment in time where Mallory enters the Coven and gets to see all of her friends alive and well again.

This brings up an important question, who is the supreme? In the newly reset world, it is clearly still Cordelia as far as the Coven is concerned, but Mallory still remembers the other timeline. It is also safe to assume that she still has all of her developed powers, since she was able to master the timeline spell enough to defeat the Antichrist, get Misty and Nan back from Hell, and choose to stay in the past.

7 Will the warlocks suffer the same fate?

AHS Unresolved Michael Warlocks

When the warlocks discover Michael, almost all of them agree that they must find him and bring him to their school. They see Michael as a means to finally ending the power the witches have over them. As it plays out, bringing Michael into their circle turns out to be a bad idea. Thes students and the head warlocks suffer terrible fates because of it.

Now that a new Antichrist is in town, will the warlocks repeat their same mistakes? Will they even find the new Antichrist? It was quite coincidental that they found Michael in the first place. They discover Michael because of an interrogation video after a crime he mistakenly commits. Whether or not they will encounter the new Antichrist at all is a mystery.

6 What exactly is Mallory?

AHS Unresolved What Is Mallory

When it comes to Mallory, the question of "what is she?" is never fully addressed. We see multiple witches in the Coven observing her magic and questioning what kind of powers she has. Cordelia, Myrtle, and Zoe all marvel at her magic, admitting they have never seen a witch like her before. That leaves us to wonder, is she just a witch?

Mallory, from the beginning, showed abilities that hinted at something much more than being a witch. While under the identity spell in Outpost 3, she unknowingly uses some of her magic against Michael. Even Michael is floored by her abilities, asking her what she is. If we see Mallory in future seasons, this will absolutely have to be addressed.

5 Does this change events at Hotel Cortez?

AHS Unresolved Hotel Cortez

When Mallory goes to the Coven in the new timeline, one thing she makes sure to do is tell Queenie not to visit Hotel Cortez. Hotel is one of the seasons that would be affected by Mallory's actions in ways we're not sure about.

One thing we are sure of, is that if Queenie doesn't go to Hotel Cortez, that means she never fights Ramona Royale, and she is never trapped in the hotel by James March. Originally, Ramona drinks Queenie's blood for strength and March claims he needed to trap Queenie in order to destroy The Countess. This could mean changing a series of events that happen in Hotel Cortez, as well as other seasons.

4 Why were Emily and Timothy at outpost 3?

AHS Unresolved Emily Timothy Outpost

The characters Emily and Timothy are really just one big mystery in every instance. From birthing the Antichrist, to why they are at Outpost 3 in the first place, confusion seems to surround them at all times. It could just be a coincidence that the same two people to create the Antichrist in the new timeline were also chosen for the outpost in the old timeline. As we know with American Horror Story, however, nothing is just a coincidence.

Not even Emily and Timothy themselves know why they're at the outpost. Is it really just their "exceptional genes" that got them in, or is it something more that connects their purpose to the Antichrist?

3 Did the music at the outpost mean anything?

AHS Unresolved Outpost Music

One fan theory that sprang up in the beginning of Apocalypse was that the constant music playing at Outpost 3 had some kind of meaning. The same song would repeat over and over again, only changing every so often.

Even the residents of the outpost thought that the songs were a sign, possibly that someone is coming to help. There is one song that really caught fans attention, a Carpenters' cover of "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft" which seemed to hint at aliens and maybe even a connection to Asylum. Nothing ever came of this, and as far as we can tell, the songs had little to no meaning to the plot.

2 What happened to Kyle?

Nowhere in the old or new timeline do we get mention of Kyle Spencer. While he clearly didn't take part in this season, Kyle played a big role in Coven and, specifically, with Zoe and Madison.

At the end of Coven, Kyle decides to stay with Zoe in the house as their new butler. It's not like Evan Peters wasn't available for a quick cameo. Many scenes take place in the Coven house. Is he just off-screen or did something happen to him? Coven has a huge influence on Apocalypse, and while we saw many characters brought back, like Papa Legba and even Marie Laveau, not once do we ever see-- or even hear mention of-- Kyle.

1 How are Cult and Roanoke affected?

AHS Unresolved Cult Roanoke

In the same way that the events of Hotel Cortez would be affected, so would events in American Horror Story seasons Roanoke and Cult. Unlike other seasons, Hotel, Roanoke, and Cult took place after Mallory reset the timeline.

If the series continues on in a joint world, the impact of Mallory's actions will have to be addressed. Destroying the first Antichrist only to create another will clearly have some future effects that nobody can be sure of. Does this mean there is a possibility of the events in Roanoke and Cult never even happening in the first place? We are curious to know Ryan Murphy's take on it all - hopefully he's got something up his sleeve.


What other questions do you have after the American Horror Story: Apocalypse finale? Let us know in the comments!

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