American Horror Story: 10 Unanswered Questions We Still Have About Apocalypse

Everyone has their own favorite season of American Horror Story, and, for many, that series is American Horror Story: Apocalypse, which was the eighth season of the hit horror show and saw several tie-ins from previous seasons all blend into one.

This season was very popular because it saw some of American Horror Story's greatest ever characters make their return for one-off special cameos, answering a lot of questions about previous seasons that were left unanswered by that particular story.

However, in traditional AHS fashion, while this season answered some questions about past seasons, it finished with just as many unanswered questions of its own, and, within this article, we will take a look at 10 unanswered questions we still have about Apocolypse.

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10 Why Did Michael Torture Outpost 3?

American Horror Story: Apocalypse saw the story of the entire show totally change halfway through when the big plot twist was revealed, but, up until that point, the show had placed a lot of time and effort into the storyline of Michael Langdon seemingly picking just one person to join him in 'The Sanctuary.'

Michael spent a lot of time at Outpost 3, where he tortured those who survived, teasing them and picking on their flaws as they all desperately tried to impress him, and, in the end, it was all for nothing. So, why did the show bother putting so much effort into this?

Obviously, Michael is a demon and the son of Satan, so it could be easily explained by the fact that he enjoys torturing people, but there was too much detail placed into this situation only for there to be no answers in the end.

9 Who Flew The Plane?

This might be a situation many viewers have forgotten about due to the fact it took place in the first episode of Apocalypse, but, when the nuclear bombs began to fall, several of the characters were taken to safety in a private jet plane towards Outpost 3.

However, it quickly becomes clear to the group that nobody is actually flying the plane, as they enter the cockpit to see that it is just flying. However, for some reason, this situation is never addressed again, and the passengers just end up being safe and sound inside the Outpost.

Nobody knows who actually flew the plane, although it is possible that the Cooperative had some technology built-in so it would pilot itself, or that one of the witches decided to use their powers to ensure both Mallory and Coco remained safe until touching the ground. Either way, it was strange for the show to highlight the problem and then never address the solution.

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8 Murder House Happy Ending?

In typical American Horror Story fashion, the show made sure that the characters of Murder House didn't get the happy ending that it seemed like they were destined for during the sixth episode of Apocalpyse, where Moira was reunited with her mother, and Tate and Zoe made up while the Harmon parents also had a moment together.

It seemed like they were all destined to have an incredible life together in the home, but, due to Mallory's actions in the finale, those endings were all ripped away as the shifts in time that the newfound Supreme made meant that Madison Montgomery and Behold Chablis never actually visited the house.

While it made sense that the happy endings were sacrificed to, you know, save the entire world, it does leave an unanswered question as to what is happening to them now, and whether or not they will ever have that moment of peace that they were given.

7 Does Madison Escape Hell?

During American Horror Story: Apocalpyse, several previously dead Coven characters are resurrected and saved from hell itself, with one of those characters being the bitchy Madison Montgomery, who is actually stuck working in retail as her version of hell.

Madison is bust out of that in order to help the rest of the witches stop the Apocalpyse, and, even though she does show a little remorse and some slight personality changes, with the rest of the Coven getting on with her this time, by the end of the show, she ends up back in hell.

Madison is killed by Michael Langdon during his climactic final scenes in quite a brutal manner, with the character complaining about going back to hell just beforehand. While several of the other witches are brought back to life by the end of the show, Madison is not, and even though Mallory states she will be going to get here, that is never shown.

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6 Why Are Mallory's Powers Not Fully Explained?

There are an awful lot of unanswered questions in regards to Mallory's character in American Horror Story: Apocalpyse, which is quite strange considering she is the most important character in the entire show, being the witch responsible for stopping the events from ever taking place.

When we meet the character properly, there is almost nothing known about her past, with the show not really explaining anything about her, how she found out about her powers, or her lineage as a witch, which is quite a strange decision.

Even her powers are never fully explained, with Mallory seemingly having the ability to do almost anything she wants if she puts her mind to it, it would have been smarter if the show had spent an episode delving into her as a character in more detail.

5 Can There Be Multiple Supremes?

During American Horror Story: Coven, we are taught that there can only ever be one Supreme at a time, which is why Jessica Lange's character Fiona has to die in order to allow Cordelia to take over her. Within Apocalypse, she does the same for Mallory, although the time reverse means she doesn't quite get to be Supreme.

But what this does do is bring some confusion from Roanoke, and the character Scathach, which is played by Lady Gaga. In that season, it is claimed that Scathach is the original Supreme, yet she causes countless terrors and problems within the woods on the show.

But, if there is another Supreme at that time, then how is she able to do that, as surely she needs to die in order for any of the other Supremes to ever take the role, which doesn't make any sense.

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4 Does Mallory Become The Supreme?

After a while, it becomes clear during Apocalpyse that Mallory is going to be the next Supreme and the leader of the Coven, yet she never really achieves that role on the show. While Cordelia does die for her to take the powers, Mallory never fully becomes the Supreme.

Instead, when the timeline is reversed and she turns up at the Academy, Cordelia is very much still the Supreme, yet Mallory remembers everything that has happened and still has enough power to be the Supreme straight away, yet the other witches are unaware.

So, does Mallory ever fulfill her potential and takeover, and does Cordelia ever find out about the past and what Mallory has done? We will likely never find out, but it does make you wonder if she ever gets to reach her highest level as a witch.

3 How Does Time Travel Effect Other Seasons?

Once the main plot of Apocalpyse is revealed, quite a lot of time travel begins to take place, with the likes of Madison Montgomery and Queenie being brought back from the dead, with Madison returning to Murder House to solve several storylines.

Queenie is also warned to never visit the Hotel Cortez, the location where she famously dies. Yet, if she doesn't go there, then surely the Countess never gets stopped by the rest of the characters inside during Hotel?

The reset happens before Hotel, Cult, or Roanoke ever take place, which leads to major questions about how those seasons were altered, or if they ever ended up happening at all, with this being the main problem with adding time travel into any show, it causes long-term issues.

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2 Who Was In The Rubber Suit?

The Rubber Man was one of the creepiest characters from the first season of American Horror Story, where it was revealed that Tate Langdon was underneath the latex, but the suit made a surprise return during Apolocalpyse in both flashback scenes to Murder House and in the current timeline of the show.

During the flashback, it was revealed that Michael Langdon himself wore the suit (which leads to a few unanswered questions about the Murder House season), but when it comes to who wore the rubber in Apocalpyse, that remains a mystery.

Many thought it was Michael in the suit, but when he appeared dressed in regular attire while the Rubber Man was 'busy' with Mr. Gallant, the questions once again returned, and still to this day it is unknown who was wearing the suit this time around.

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1 How Was The Next 'Son Of Satan' Born?

Throughout the history of the show, it has been believed that the Antichrist can only be conceived by a living woman and a dead man, which creates the demonic baby. Yet, at the very end of Apocalypse, we see that the Antichrist has been born again, with a new child following the same path as Michael Langdon.

However, the two characters we are very briefly introduced to as the parents are both alive, and both incredibly normal. Though they seem rather special, there is no actual explanation or signs as to how they would be able to do such a thing.

Of course, the final scene is only meant to prove that the Coven simply delayed the inevitable, rather than putting a stop to it, but it certainly leads to questions about just how this new child was conceived and how it has become so powerful.

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