American Horror Story: Every Character That Angela Bassett Played

Here's every character Angela Bassett played throughout her time on American Horror Story. Ryan Murphy, the creator of the FX horror anthology, has a habit of bringing back the same actors season after season. The series is heading into its ninth season, American Horror Story: 1984, and a tenth installment has already been confirmed.

Bassett's profound acting career first began in the mid-'80s. After the dozens of TV shows and movies the actress has appeared in, it's no question why Murphy wanted her to be a member of his cast. Bassett made her AHS debut in season 3 and continued to be one of the leading stars for the years that followed. After season 6, Bassett took a major role on Murphy's cable network procedural drama, 9-1-1.

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As of now, there's no word if Bassett will appear in American Horror Story: 1984. The season is said to be a nod to the 1980s slasher genre. Even though the actress hasn't been announced as a member of the cast, it doesn't mean Bassett won't appear in the new season. Her cameo in season 8 was a surprise to most viewers and it's common for Murphy to hold back a few secrets in regards to his cast. Before the new season, here's a look back at all of the stellar characters that Bassett has played on American Horror Story.

Marie Laveau In American Horror Story: Coven

AHS Angela Bassett

Bassett made her American Horror Story debut in season 3, Coven. The actress portrayed Marie Laveau, a centuries-old high priestess of voodoo magic. She served as the Voodoo Queen which was the equivalent of a Supreme in witchcraft. The voodoo practitioners once had a truce with the coven in New Orleans but that agreement was broken so Marie saw Fiona Goode, the current Supreme, as her enemy. Marie hired a witch hunter to kill the coven members but the man double-crossed the voodoo priestess. As a result, she teamed up with Fiona and went after the witch hunters. It was later revealed that she once sold her soul but she didn't carry out her part of the agreement so she was sent to her personal hell.

Desiree Dupree In American Horror Story: Freak Show

AHS Angela Bassett

Bassett returned for the following AHS season, Freak Show, in the role as Desiree Dupree. The character was a member of Elsa's Freak Show who performed as The Three Breasted Woman. She was very protective of the rest of the "freaks" in the troupe. When she caught wind of Maggie Esmerelda's plan to kill the performers to send their bodies to a museum, Desiree threatened to kill the young girl. After Dandy went on a murder spree on the freak show grounds, Desiree teamed up with Jimmy, Bette, and Dot to get revenge on the sick man by watching him drown. It was later revealed that Desiree moved on with her life and married an ex-lover, with whom she had two children.

Ramona Royale In American Horror Story: Hotel

AHS Angela Bassett

In AHS season 5, Bassett portrayed Ramona Royale, a former movie star and the ex-lover of The Countess, the bloodsucking owner of the Hotel Cortez. Romona was The Countess' progeny so she was infected by the blood virus. The Countess killed Ramona's boyfriend so she returned years later to get revenge. Ramona's plan failed and she was held hostage in the hotel. At one point she fed on a room full of children infected with a deadly virus as well as other guests. Ramona got another chance at killing The Countess but she was seduced into another romantic night with her former fling. Ramona ultimately stuck around at the hotel since she was present years later when Billie Dean Howard tried to film her show during Devil's Night.

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Lee Harris/Monet Tumusiime In American Horror Story: Roanoke


Bassett performed double duty in American Horror Story season 6. She first portrayed Lee Harris through a reenactment for the series My Roanoke Nightmare. Lee was asked to move into Matt and Shelby's Roanoke home and ultimately became the sole survivor after a series of mysterious happenings. Bassett also played Monet Tumusiime, the actress who played Lee for the reenactment. Monet was invited back to the home for a new series along with the TV show cast and the real-life victims. While living in the house, the group is attacked by The Butcher. Monet and a few of the others escape the assault but were later caught and tortured by a neighboring family. Monet was one of the few to make it back to the house before she was killed by the real Lee.

Marie Laveau In American Horror Story: Apocalypse

AHS Angela Bassett

After a year away from the series, Bassett returned for a guest part in American Horror Story season 8 to reprise her season 3 role as Marie Laveau. In Apocalypse, Dinah was revealed to be the voodoo priestess, albeit a corrupt practitioner. Cordelia Goode, the current Supreme, made a deal with Papa Legba to bring Marie Laveau back. They conspired to kill Dinah in order to deliver her soul to Papa Legba as part of Cordelia's deal. Marie then helped the coven witches in the final battle against Michael Langdon, the Antichrist. The Voodoo Queen helped hold off Langdon but he eventually got to Marie and ripped out her heart. Since the witches successfully went back in time and rewrote the timeline, Marie never returned back from her personal hell.

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