'American Horror Story: Hotel' Cast Adds Naomi Campbell & Lily Rabe

Naomi Campbell in AHS

Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story Anthology series has proven to be a hit for FX over the years. Although its last outing, American Horror Story: Freak Show, didn’t fare as well as other seasons, it still proved popular and attracted a strong line-up of guest stars including Neil Patrick Harris and Matt Bomer, the latter of which now takes on one of the ensemble roles in AHS’ latest season, American Horror Story: Hotel, which premieres on FX this October.

Murphy has been taking to Twitter to announce each casting in turn, and stars so far include AHS regulars Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Finn Wittrock and Sarah Paulson. Meanwhile, in addition to Bomer, new cast members include Lady Gaga, Max Greenfield and Cheyenne Jackson. Now Murphy seems to have gone silent on Twitter, but that hasn’t stopped the casting announcements coming, with two more stars added to the bill.

Fresh off her Empire arc, Naomi Campbell will join the Hotel cast as a Fashion Editor. According to TV Line, who broke the news, Campbell will be part of a multi-episode arc in the season, and her character will clash with Gaga’s character as well as Ramona (Bassett). Ultimately, Campbell’s character will “pay the price for her critiques,” and in line with Murphy’s comments that this season is more grisly than any others, we can no doubt expect a rather unfortunate demise for her.

Although Campbell's acting career has never really been viewed kindly, she has certainly redeemed herself with Empire, where she plays the part of Camilla, who clashes with the feisty Cookie. Campbell has really held her won among a strong cast, and so it will be good to see her branching out into something new.

Lily Rabe American Horror Story Hotel

The second piece of casting announced by EW, concerns AHS alum Lily Rabe, who has appeared in all seasons thus far. She was last seen in Freak Show reprising her AHS: Asylum character Sister Mary Eunice in a flashback with another popular Asylum character, Pepper. This time, Rabe will be playing a famous serial killer who stays at the hotel.

While billed as an ensemble cast since the departure of Jessica Lange, it still seems as though AHS: Hotel will center on Gaga’s character. We know that she will be involved in a love triangle with Donovan (Bomer) and Wittrock, and we also know that her character, along with Bassett’s Ramona will “create trouble in the ballroom.” Added to the information that we have about Campbell’s involvement, it seems safe to say that Gaga will feature heavily in the show’s fifth season.

There is still hope among fans for the return of Pepper in some capacity, and also for the possibility of Lange appearing in a guest role, since Murphy has previously teased the idea that characters from previous seasons might pop up. He also stated at Comic-Con that he has a long-term plan for the AHS anthology, and that everything will make sense by the end of the series. Whether that series end will come after Hotel, or whether AHS will continue past that, remains to be seen.

American Horror Story: Hotel, premieres on FX in October, 2015.

Sources: TV Line/ Entertainment Weekly

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