Every Horror Movie Reference In AHS: 1984's Premiere

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American Horror Story: 1984 had multiple references to classic slasher movies that inspired the new season. Series creator Ryan Murphy didn't back down when it came to paying tribute to the major influences in the horror genre, and most of those films were present - in some way, shape, or form - in the American Horror Story: 1984 season premiere.

The official title and theme for American Horror Story season 9 were revealed through a teaser back in April. The brief footage featured a young woman being chased through the woods by an unknown killer. With the 1984 subtitle, it was clear that Murphy took inspiration from Friday the 13th but he also used inspiration from other horror movies spanning several decades. The season itself focuses on a group of friends - Xavier, Montana, Chet, Ray, and Brooke - as they get counselor jobs at Camp Redwood, the site of a massacre years prior.

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Rather than just focus on the Jason Voorhees-like madman on the loose with Mr. Jingles, Murphy went deeper into classic horror by using specific elements and references. Some were more easy to notice than others and there will undoubtedly be more as the season continues. That said, let's take a look at the list of the horror movies referenced during the American Horror Story: 1984 premiere.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

American Horror Story 1984

When Xavier drove the group to Camp Redwood, they stopped at a gas station to fill up the tank. While there, they meet the unsettling proprietor, Roy. In many ways, Roy was similar to the man from the gas station at the start of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. After warning Xavier and his friends about going to Camp Redwood, they encounter a hiker. In the 1974 horror classic, the group picked up a hitchhiker. Montana was also taking Polaroids in the same fashion that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre's hitchhiker took pictures inside the van.

I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)

American Horror Story 1984

Upon leaving the gas station, a hiker darted out in the middle of the road and Xavier accidentally hit him. The man could hardly stay conscious but the scene resembled the plot of I Know What You Did Last Summer. The group was split on whether or not to help the man but Brooke convinced them to bring him to the camp. Even though they got the man help, they kept it a secret that they were in the car that hit him.

Friday the 13th (1980)

American Horror Story 1984

The overall vibe of American Horror Story: 1984 has an overwhelming Friday the 13th feel. The fact that the season takes place at a summer camp as a group of counselors is being targeted directly mirrors the '80s classic. Just like the beloved franchise, AHS focuses on a killer seeking revenge. Roy from the gas station even shared some similarities with Crazy Ralph from Friday the 13th since he warned the group about going to the camp and told them they would all die.

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Halloween (1978)

American Horror Story 1984

Elements of Halloween came into play during Mr. Jingles' breakout from his institution. The scene with Dr. Hopple arriving at the institution while the occupants are wandering around the grounds was undoubtedly inspired to Michael Myers' escape in Halloween. The character of Dr. Hopple was also meant to be AHS's version of Dr. Sam Loomis. Following Mr. Jingles' escape, he stopped by Ray's garage and killed him before stealing his car. Michael had a tendency to do the same thing each time he escaped.

Carrie (1976)

American Horror Story 1984

Camp Redwood's new owner, Margaret Booth, was revealed to be extremely religious. She believed in strict rules and avoiding sin. Margaret made it clear that she wanted her new counselors to follow her demands which specified the separation of co-eds. Margaret's overbearing behavior was inspired by the mother in Carrie, who was also named Margaret. Towards the end of the premiere episode, Brooke was covered with thick dirt after being chased by Mr. Jingles. Her appearance looked like Carrie after she was drenched with blood.

Scream (1996)

American Horror Story 1984

To round out the major slasher movie influences, American Horror Story: 1984 took a page out of Scream's manual. After Brooke's harrowing ordeal involving Mr. Jingles, she heard the payphone ringing outside the cabin. Montana refused to go with her so Brooke went outside alone. She answered the phone and could only hear the jingle of keys. It was Mr. Jingles messing with her just as Ghostface called his potential victims to mess with them before attacking. It's important to note that actress Emma Roberts, who plays Brooke, starred in Scream 4 as the killer.

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