Everything We Know About American Horror Story: 1984 So Far

American Horror Story's Season 9 is set to premiere this September. Here is everything we know about the horror drama's upcoming series, AHS: 1984.

The ninth season of the anthology series, American Horror Story, is on its way. So far the seasons have taken us through murder houses, insane asylums, tragic circuses, New Orleans witches, vampire hotels, the missing colony of Roanoke, the 2016 election, and a nuclear apocalypse. Now, this upcoming season is called 1984.

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Based on past performances, the acting in this horror series tends to be stunning. However, they are losing some of the faces that are seen as classic American Horror Story actors. While the show is an anthology, there has been proof that some of the stories are connected in different ways. Fans certainly have a lot of theories and have created timelines. Will we learn more about characters from past seasons?

Here is what we know about 1984 so far.

10 No Evan Peters


Evan Peters, who has consistently played a role in all past seasons of American Horror Story, is not going to be in the upcoming 1984 season. This had fans pretty heartbroken. He has performed various roles including a cult leader, an asylum patient, Lobster Boy, serial killers, and many more. As for Peter's reason for leaving, it appears to be a much-needed break.

According to an interview with GQ, the many sinister roles assumed by Peter have taken a toll on his mental health. "It's just exhausting," he said. "It's really mentally draining, and you don't want to go to those places ever in your life. And so you have to go there for the scenes, and it ends up integrating it somehow into your life."

9 No Sarah Paulson (As A Major Character)

Sarah Paulson is another big name in the American Horror Story series who will not be playing a major role in 1984. Like Evan Peters, she has played a role in every season and even got nominated for 5 Emmys due to how fantastically she did with those characters. Paulson is expected to show up in a more limited capacity but nothing more than that.

The reasons for her sitting out this season are a bit unclear but the actress is working on other roles and may have just gotten too much on the plate. Eight seasons is a long time, so she may have just needed a break as well.

8 It Will Pay Homage To Slasher Films

American Horror Story: 1984

The title was a bit confusing and suspicious, as most people probably thought of George Orwell's famous dystopian story, 1984. The season is not about that story. Instead, we know that it is going to delve into themes similar to famous slashers like the Friday the 13th franchise. So the title, 1984, is a reference to '80s slasher films. Creators mentioned that they expect this season to be a real treat for those who love horror movies, especially classics such as A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Shining, The Thing, The Evil Dead, Hellraiser, Halloween, and more.

Not only will it pay homage to '80s slashers, but the trailers ooze with '80s trends and fashion. Basically, prepare for an '80s content explosion.

7 It Is Not Their Last Season

American Horror Story has already been renewed for a 10th season. So whatever happens in 1984, it will not be the end. So far, Season 10 is likely to debut in 2020. After that entry, there may be more as well. It likely depends on how well 1984 and its follow-up perform.

When it comes to horror, there are endless stories that the series can work with. How about "American Horror Story: Spiders" or "American Horror Story: Cryptids?" We do know that the show's creators want to do more with the witches from Coven.

6 Familiar Faces

While Evan Peters is no longer in the picture, fans can still look forward to seeing familiar faces from previous seasons of American Horror Story. 1984 is going to star Emma Roberts, who has played roles in Coven, Freak Show,  Cult, and Apocalypse. Other actors include Cody Fern from the Apocalypse season, Billie Lourd from Cult and Apocalypse, Leslie Grossman from Cult and Apocalypse, and John Carroll Lynch from Freak Show, Cult, and Hotel.

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While they may not be as heavily associated with American Horror Story as Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson, fans are definitely relieved to have some veterans on board.

5 New Faces

New actors for this season include former Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy, who will be playing the boyfriend of Emma Robert's character. There will also be Matthew Morrison, who is most known from Glee. He is seen in the most recent teaser wearing very tight gym shorts.

Angelica Ross from Pose will also be starring in the upcoming season. Ross announced her new role on social media with, "I am ELATED to make history as the first trans actor to secure 2 series regular roles, leaping from #PoseFX to #AHS1984!"

4 Production Budget

While data on the exact production budget for each season is not readily available, American Horror Story tends to fluctuate between the $30 - $45 million range. Going by some TAX data and Twitter ramblings, 1984 will probably be around the mid-40s, making it one of the more costly seasons in the franchise.

A higher production budget does not correlate to quality, but having an extra million or two in the coffers is unlikely to hurt 1984's chances.

3 Welcome To Summer Camp

Based on what footage has been released via teasers and trailers, it appears the story takes place at a summer camp. So yes, 1984 has definitely been inspired by Friday the 13th. We even see a girl get chased through the woods by a mysterious figure with a knife.

We see creepy cabin rooms in the dark, '80s fashion trends, and dark forests. A lot of fans were hoping for alien themes, but who knows, maybe we will see some science-fiction content at the camp as well.

2 It Will Premiere In September

American Horror Story 1984 Logo

FX announced that the new season of American Horror Story will premiere on Wednesday, September 18th. Like previous seasons, it will have 10 episodes. It will air on FX every Wednesday after the 18th.

The UK broadcast date has yet to be announced, but it is speculated that it should be a couple of weeks after the US release, so maybe in late September or early October. Besides regular TV, the episodes can also be streamed on websites such as Hulu.

1 It Will Not Be A Sequel Season

There was speculation that this season could be following up previous ones such as Apocalypse or Coven. While it has been hinted that Coven characters may be returning at some point, it will not be in 1984.

While there could be some tie-ins and cameos (especially from some of the familiar faces associated with the franchise), this season is said to stand on its own.

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