• "Moon Shadow," American Gods' season 2 finale, raised more questions than it answered. 1 / 9

  • For instance, why is Laura Moon hauling off Mad Sweeney's corpse at the episode's end? 2 / 9

    American Gods Laura Moon Emily Browning vertical
  • Is Laura going to try and somehow resurrect the dead Irish god-king? 3 / 9

    Pablo Schreiber Mad Sweeney American Gods Vertical
  • Do any of the old gods actually want to work with Mr. Wednesday? 4 / 9

    American Gods Mr. Wednesday on the carousel vertical
  • Most of Wednesday's allies, like Shadow, seem to have been manipulated into serving him. 5 / 9

    American gods Shadow Moon Ricky Whittle vertical
  • The finale also seemed to confirm that Wednesday is Shadow's father. 6 / 9

  • Finally, who changed Shadow's ID to hide him from the police? Was it Wednesday? 7 / 9

  • Bilquis said her fortune was tied to Shadow's. Did she change the ID? 8 / 9

    American Gods Bilquis vertical
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