American Gods Season 2 Character Guide: Meet The New Gods

American Gods Season 2 Mr World

Mr. World - Crispin Glover

Just as Mr. Wednesday is the ringleader and main driving force behind the upcoming war among the New Gods, Mr. World is the leader of the New Gods and is similarly eager to destroy the Old Gods. Broadly speaking, Mr. World represents globalization, making him a powerful deity, with his reach and influence extending beyond America's shore. Unlike Wednesday, Mr. World prefers an insidious takeover to outright war, and hopes to eradicate the Old Gods through "mergers" that would incorporate them with the New Gods - killing them softly. Needless to say, Wednesday is not particularly receptive to this idea.

Technical Boy - Bruce Langley

American Gods Technical Boy

The youngest and brattiest of the New Gods, Technical Boy is arrogant and undeniably powerful, but is nonetheless effectively Mr. World's lapdog. He represents (as the name suggests) technology in all its forms, from computers to smartphones, and therefore has a massive amount of influence and power in America. Unlike Mr. World, Technical Boy is impatient when it comes to getting rid of the Old Gods and prefers violence and force to persuasion. He was responsible for Shadow's lynching in season 1.

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New Media - Kahyun Kim

American Gods Season 2 New Media

Media may be gone, but there's a New Media in town. Whereas Anderson's version of the character was born in the early days of television, magazines, and pop music, manifesting in the forms of celebrities like David Bowie and Lucy Ricardo. New Media, however, is an evolved version of the character - born from social media and entertainment hubs like YouTube and Netflix, with a talent for manipulating the way that people think that surpasses even her previous form.

Mr. Town - Dean Winters

American Gods Season 2 Mr Town

Another new addition to American Gods season 2's cast, Mr. Town is one of Mr. World's "Spooks," and he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. Fans have theorized that Mr. Town and the other Spooks represents people's belief in government agents working behind the scenes to manipulate society. Like his fellow Spook, Mr. Wood, Mr. Town may have been an Old God who decided to ally himself with the New Gods when he saw them taking power.

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