American Gods Season 2 Will Be Longer & 'More Exciting'

Showrunner Bryan Fuller teases a longer and more exciting second season of his hit Starz series American Gods. The series, based on the best-selling novel by Neil Gaiman, just finished its first season and already fans are getting details on what to expect in the future.

The series dazzled both audiences and critics, leading it to be quickly picked up for a second season by Starz in May. Now, fans are wondering where the second season is going to go following the finale which left the old gods in a position of power with Easter (Chenoweth) taking away spring in order to make humans pray to her again and with Shadow Moon (Whittle) turning into a believer after spending the season in a state of disbelief.

In a new interview with The Wrap, Fuller goes into detail about what's to come in the second season, which has been extended to 10 episodes. Here is what Fuller said about why the second season is going to be different and what's next for Shadow:

Ian McShane and Ricky Whittle in American Gods Season 1 Episode 8

“Much of the pacing and dreamlike quality of Season 1 was about Shadow Moon’s mental state, and now that he’s been activated [as a believer], we can expect something a little different from how we’re going to tell the stories. Whenever anyone engages in a faith bargain and they commit to it, they change their perspective in a massive way. So the story we get to tell with Shadow in the future is one of a character who’s crossed that first benchmark, which was non-believer to believer. Now that he believes, how does he believe? And how will what’s happened with his wife and Mr. Wednesday shift those beliefs? Suffice to say, Shadow will have a much more exciting arc in Season 2 than he did in Season 1.”

Fuller also added that, becasue of the closeness of the cast, fans are going to see different characters coming together for scenes and storylines that diverge from the book. Here is what Fuller said about a future Laura Moon and Bilquis storyline next season:

“We see actors who genuinely love each other and are approaching us and saying, ‘please, please, please find ways for us to be in scenes together. Every time we get together, Yetide and Emily double down on Bilquis and Laura needing a storyline in Season 2, and we are very excited to oblige that.”

Additionally, Fuller talked about how the first season of American Gods originally had a different ending with an additional episode but, becasue of budget cuts, Fuller and co-showrunner Michael Green had to make adjustments that ended up working in their favor. The season was going to originally end with an episode going to House on the Rock, but instead they ended with Bilquis arriving on a bus to the location as a "double agent". Here is what Fuller said about the ending of the first season:

"Originally, we had another episode and we were going to go all the way to House on the Rock. We felt if we ended the season one episode earlier, we could have a bigger impact with the story, and also distribute our funds to get the season to where we needed it to go."

Given the information Fuller has just shared, perhaps the next season of the series will impress as much the first did.

American Gods season 2 is expected in 2018 on Starz. 

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Source: The Wrap

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