American Gods Character Posters: A Show to Go OMG For

American Gods TV show poster (Cropped)

For years, fans have been hoping to see an adaptation of author Neil Gaiman's most ambitious work, America Gods. Now, thanks to Starz and producer Bryan Fuller, it's finally becoming a reality as a TV show. We recently got our second trailer for the series, teasing the blood and magic of the show. Based around ex-con Shadow Moon and his mysterious companion Mr. Wednesday, the book is part road trip story and part love letter to America. It's also infused with a novel take on religious pantheons, and an epic fantasy battle on the verge of emerging.

The show will likely take some liberties, but it's been given Gaiman's blessing as well as his oversight. Some of changes will come in the form of newer characters, like Vulcan, a character Gaiman envisioned years ago, and Jesus, who plays a small role in the book. There will be plenty of gods from the novel popping up though. We've seen a few of them in photos from the show, including a look at Orlando Jones as Anansi, a character Gaiman used for the original novel's only spinoff. We also previously got a poster for the show, and now we have a few more of them highlighting a number of the keys figures from American Gods.

Fuller tweeted out four new posters earlier, giving us glimpses of Shadow, Wednesday, Shadow's deceased wife Laura, and Bilquis. Check them out in the gallery below:

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The Shadow poster shows his signature coin will be carried over from the books, while Wednesday's two ravens hint at his identity as Odin. Bilquis, meanwhile, is based on the Biblical Queen of Sheba, and serves as an Old God of love in the book and series. Finally, there's Laura; while everyone else gets a more generalized signifier, her tagline as "The Dead Wife" shows just how surreal this show is. Laura's death and subsequent reappearance are a core part of the book - and the casting of Emily Browning will do a lot to bring gravitas to the role.

Meanwhile, the renewed spotlight on American Gods has led to the novel being adapted to a comic book as well. Considering Gaiman began life as a comic writer for Marvel and DC, it's a fitting way for things to come full circle. Expect to learn even more about the show, in the weeks remaining until American Gods season one's premiere late next month.

American Gods premieres Sunday, April 30 at 9 pm on Starz.

Source: Bryan Fuller

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