American Gods Season 1 Photos Highlight New & Old Deities

American Gods Comic-Con poster and panel

It’s a battle between gods old and new and it’s coming to television via Starz next month. American Gods is a story based on the novel by author Neil Gaiman and follows deities that live and walk among us. The novel was a best-selling hit and now the gods are hitting the small screen with reckless abandon.  

Show creators Bryan Fuller (Hannibal) and Michael Green (Logan, Heroes) have a history in bringing fantasy to life and they are excited to explore Gaiman’s world, which is rich with opportunity for social commentary.  In the story, the old gods have lost their following in the wake of new gods, based on developing technology and ever-changing social interests.

We have been lucky to see some new photos of the show as the producers have begun promoting for its upcoming debut, which will take place at SXSW. In the latest photos published by USA Today, we can see the living and breathing  juxtaposition between the old gods and the new. View the photos in the gallery here:

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Production design stands out in a major way, with the contrast in looks between modern day and a more traditional past. Amongst the old gods are Easter (Kristin Chenoweth), Bilquis (Yetide Badaki) and Vulcan (Corbin Bernsen), god of guns and a new addition to the story for the show. The new gods include The Technical Boy (Bruce Langley), the TV goddess Media (Gillian Anderson) and Mr. World (Crispin Glover).

The plot follows Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) as the mysterious Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane) introduced him to the realm of the unseen. In the interview with USA Today, Green explained:

“Shadow starts the series as someone comfortably American and feeling like he’s already a citizen of the world, [but he's] an immigrant into the new culture of the world of gods and magic.”

Whittle added:

"These are real gods with real-world problems — they’re struggling in life as people have lost their faith and belief. These guys are living amongst us and living ordinary lives. That allows even the most skeptical people who maybe aren’t into fantasy to really get into this show."

American Gods is shaping up to be another fan favorite based on the complexity and artistry displayed in the photos. With Green and Fuller's track record, the story is bound to be just as good.

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American Gods premieres April 30 at 9pm ET on Starz.

Source: USA Today

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