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American Flagg

EuropaCorp, the company behind Taken and The Transporter has optioned the controversial dystopian comic American Flagg for television. With dystopian properties like The Purge and  MegaCity One in development for television along stories like The Handmaid's Tale taking home Emmys, the next great science fiction renaissance will be happening on the smaller screen. And it looks like this decades-old, subversive comic book exploring mature themes stands a chance of becoming the next big thing.

Created by Howard Chaykin, the series centers on a dystopian future landscape. America's government has fled to Mars "temporarily" in the wake of new world powers. The government left behind "The Plex" a massive corporation, to oversee the United States. The series's protagonist, Ruben Flagg, is a former television star who becomes a member of law enforcement in an utterly corrupt Chicago.

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As reported by DeadlineEuropaCorp television, previously known for the Taken television series is looking to move forward with the series that deals with multiple themes like the obsession with reality television, the opioid crisis, and a frightening rise in neo-nazi fascism. EuropaCorp hopes to begin seeking out directors and writers and shopping the project around this year.

American Flagg has influenced notable writers, among them Brian Micheal Bendis of Marvel Comics and comics and television writer Warren Ellis. It was published by one of the original alternative press publishers, First Comics. The series featured work by writer Alan Moore whose Watchmen comics covered similar territory about the impact of dystopian government and individuals. Done well, the series could discuss themes currently on the American Public's mind. There are a lot of other dystopian films in the market, however, and American Flagg might have to do a little extra work to win over brand new fans.

It's work however that the series seems capable of doing, however.  With the right writers, directors, and acting talent behind it, this project which has inspired some of comics most influential voices could be just the ticket to make an impact. One could argue that work like Watchmen coming soon to HBO owes its beginnings to work like Flagg. No release date has currently been set and there's no further information about the project, but this is definitely one to watch for fans who want to see good dystopian fiction or a different take on the American Dream.

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Source: Deadline

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