American Dad! Has Been Renewed Through Season 15

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Long-running Seth MacFarlane animated comedy American Dad! has been renewed for two more seasons, taking the show through season 15. One of the earlier entries into MacFarlane's ongoing quest to control as much of pop culture as possible, American Dad! premiered in February 2005. The show's early ratings success proved that MacFarlane's Family Guy was no fluke, and served to propel the producer/director/actor/writer further into the upper echelon of the entertainment business.

In 2014, American Dad!'s FOX run came to an end, but fans had no reason to mourn, as TBS immediately stepped in to continue the series. American Dad!'s latest season premiere is slated for February 12, and fans can now rest easy in the knowledge that Stan Smith and family aren't going anywhere any time soon. Worth noting is that there is an ongoing debate online as to how many seasons American Dad! has actually produced, due to conflicting episode guides put out by various sources. Most seem to label the upcoming season as season 13, while others say it's actually season 15. One wonders why nobody involved with the show has ever seen fit to correct the record.

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Season numbering issues aside, Deadline reports that TBS has renewed American Dad! for two additional seasons, taking the series through what most guides call season 15. Based on past TBS orders, this likely means 44 episodes were picked up, 22 airing per season.

The Cast of American Dad!

Additionally, American Dad! will soon be joined on TBS by the new Conan O'Brien-produced animated comedy Final Space, forming a one-hour animation block on the network from 10-11pm on Mondays. Final Space centers on "a spaceman named Gary who is working off a prison sentence and makes a mysterious new alien friend Mooncake who he immediately bonds with." Unbeknownst to Gary though, his new companion is being pursued by the evil Lord Commander, who has designs on using Mooncake's powers for nefarious purposes. Final Space is the brainchild of popular Youtube content creator Olan Rogers.

All in all, American Dad!'s move from FOX to TBS seems to have worked out well for all involved. While the series' later ratings were quite low for FOX - thus why they opted to cancel it - American Dad!'s numbers actually now make it one of the highest rated comedies on basic cable. It's kind of fitting that the Smiths will soon be partnered up with a Conan-produced series, as he knows full well that moving from broadcast to cable isn't always a bad idea.

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American Dad! returns to TBS on February 12. Final Space joins it on February 26.

Source: Deadline

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