American Dad Mobile Game Now in Development

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon is a newly announced strategy base-building game releasing on Android and iOS devices this fall courtesy of publisher MY.GAMES. The 20th Century Fox series first aired in 2005 and has had more than 260 episodes over 16 seasons but was previously only available in video game format as a specialty table in Zen Pinball 2.

In American Dad! Apocalypse Soon, players are put in the role of morally grey series protagonist Stan Smith and tasked with saving the world from alien invaders. Mysterious beings known only as the Collectors have arrived on earth and kidnapped Stan's wife Francine and his children, Hayley and Steve. To rescue them, Stan must not only build and fortify his own secret underground base but also utilize advanced CIA technology from work in order to clone his sometimes-friend Roger multiple times over so that he can create an army of his own to fight the alien menace.

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Images released along with the game's SDCC announcement showed a Fallout: Shelter-like dollhouse view of the Smith residence filled with various Rogers, some dressed as maids and others decked out in modified raider armor. Speech bubbles that seem to indicate needs, such as ZZZs for sleep and fried chicken for hunger, appear over some of the character's heads. Other images show an adventure map and battle system that sees Stan sending the Rogers out on missions to retake parts of the country.

This marks the second Fox-owned Seth MacFarlane property to make its proper entrance into video games, the first being Family Guy's Family Guy Video Game! on the PS2 back in 2006. Publisher MY.GAMES' other releases include Warface, a free-to-play first person shooter available on PC and consoles, and Hustle Castle, a popular mobile RPG. In a statement, the CEO of MY.GAMES, Vasiliy Maguryan, said that his studio was delighted to test themselves with such an iconic franchise, having never worked on an IP with so large a fanbase before.

Even casual viewers of the television show are used to seeing American Dad!'s Roger in various outfits due to the alien's need to disguise himself in public, and the fact that the developers were able to accurately represent that character trait by turning it into a gameplay mechanic is a good sign. While the concept and play style of American Dad! Apocalypse Soon seems to lean heavily on the Fallout: Shelter similarities, hopefully the satirical humor that American Dad! is known for will shine through when the game releases this fall.

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