'American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior' Season 2 Premiere Review & Discussion

With Paul Jr. Designs building a bike for Jared Allen's Homes For Wounded Warriors, and Orange County Choppers building a bike for Supernatural Cymbals, will it be Sr. or Jr. that comes out on top?

American Chopper: The Series

OCC vs. PJD – It’s on!American Chopper: Paul Sr. & Paul Jr. Discuss The Cadillac Build-Off

American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior has returned!

Battling the brutal New York winter, Orange County Choppers and Paul Jr. Designs proverbially duke it out in regards to who will win this war of father vs. son. With Orange County Choppers taking on a custom bike for Supernatural Cymbals, and Paul Jr. Designs building a chopper for Jared Allen's Homes For Wounded Warriors, the season two premiere takes on a familiar tone – reminiscent of American Chopper: The Series.Despite the newly filmed intro of American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior speaking of some metaphorical (or actual – who knows) build-off between Paul Teutul, Sr. and Paul Teutul, Jr., the season two opener of Discovery’s hit motorcycle reality series actually contains the less Sr. vs. Jr. fighting compared to last season.

With Paul Jr. Designs focused on delivering their first charity (and military) motorcycle on time, Orange County Choppers attempting to deliver their cymbal- ladened bike to Supernatural Cymbals, and Mikey opening his own art gallery, the already over-flowing episodic storyline made very few attempts to pit father vs. son.

Though familiar scenes with Paul Sr. declining to attend an event of his sons (and litigious actions) still appear in certain moments, the episodes’ focus was almost constantly on the bike building. Could this be a sign of things to come?

A preview of the second episode of American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior showed that Paul Sr. has reunited with one of his sons, Dan, and was able to visit his grandchildren. While it’s hard to say whether or not Paul Jr. and Mikey will follow suit, the wonderfully realistic guest that dropped by both shops may have put things into perspective.

American Chopper Senior Vs Junior Season 2

A fan of the series who is terminally-ill decides to drop by Orange County Choppers and Paul Jr. Designs with an earnest message for both of the feuding Teutuls: life is too short. Even though Paul Jr. and Paul Sr. probably didn’t fully realize the weight of this man’s passing words, perhaps something did resonate.

Considering the second season of American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior didn't begin filming until this past winter, the episodes have not yet caught up with the news of the infamous lawsuit between Jr. and Sr. that has since been settled and one has to think it may have had an impact. Of course, even if all of the lawsuits are settled, I’m not sure whether or not we’ll see Paul Jr. and Paul Sr. reunite this season.

Many may float the idea that Senior vs. Junior wouldn’t be as successful if it wasn’t for the, well, Senior vs. Junior aspect – and they’re probably right. Admittedly, it was refreshing to see less of the fights and bickering between two shows, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that this episode wasn’t as entertain as many from last year.

Perhaps it is the fighting, or maybe it’s the fact that we, as viewers, are becoming more familiar with last year’s new format, but something integral did feel amiss. Without being able to detect exactly what it is, one has to assume that the lack of continuity between last year’s finale episode and this year’s episode has a part to play in it.

American Choppers Returns

Last year, Paul Jr. had fired Odie while Cody and Vinnie had returned to Paul Jr. Designs. After which, Odie ran off to tell Paul Sr. everything he could ever want to know about what’s going on with his son’s new business. When the season premiere began, it felt like there was such an overt shift in focus that some of the more intrinsic plot lines were just left hanging.

As the season progresses, we’ll be able to tell exactly where this series is heading. Even though it’s extremely likely that American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior will continue if they decide to replicate tonight’s formula, I highly doubt that the subsequent season renewals would last long.

While I hate to be the one who agrees with those saying that the fighting makes it better, I somehow have to believe that it is indeed the case.


American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior airs @9pm on Discovery

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