'American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior' Season 3: Is The War Over?

American Chopper - Senior Vs Junior Season 3

Now that the highly anticipated build-off between Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. (as well as Jesse James) has come to an end, will the Teutuls finally find peace when American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior season 3 premieres on Monday, February 13? Probably not.

Even though the much-talked-about American Chopper: The Build-Off finally saw father and son take the stage together, there hasn't been much of a change in Senior and Junior's relationship. While Paul Jr. may have told Paul Sr. that he loved him during the live show, there hasn't been any follow-up since.

Upon reflection from Senior, he does acknowledge that his son built "a nice bike" and that it had "nice workmanship." That being said, Senior still prefers the bike that Jesse James built, simply because it fits within his preferred style for bikes.

Looking back at the live show, Junior touches upon the much-discussed hug and "I love you" comment that had fans believing their relationship would be repaired. While admitting that it was uncomfortable to hear his father being booed on stage, he doesn't take back what happened during the build-off.

Explaining that his love for his father isn't what's in question, Junior states that it's the subsequent actions of his father that's the cause of their rocky relationship, not because he doesn't care.

American Chopper - Build-off

With Paul Jr. Designs taking off and Paul Sr. joining the cast of NBC's Celebrity Apprentice season 13, both shops are busy on their next bike build: Junior working on a bike for a customer in Poland, and OCC focusing on a custom bike for Donald Trump.

But when Donald Trump makes a visit to Orange County Choppers, does the famed mogul do more to hurt Senior and Junior's relationship than to help it? Leaving Senior with the advice of "Don't leave him anything; don't leave him 10 cents," it certainly seems that way.

Will Paul Jr. and Paul Sr.'s relationship ever return to the way it was when American Chopper: The Series began 9 years ago? We'll have to wait and see.

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You can check out clips from Donald Trump's appearance below:




American Chopper Senior vs. Junior season 3 premieres Monday, February 13 @9pm on Discovery

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