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American Chopper: The Series

How is your relationship with Pauly and Mikey currently? Do you ever think you’ll reconcile?

You know, now I think it’s better than it’s been. I think that it’s not the same and that it’ll never be the same. I’m hopeful at some point that there will be some kind of happy medium where at least we could talk and still live our own lives, and be happy with that.

I just don’t think things will be the same and, as for right now, it’s a lot less tense than what it was before and we can actually meet each other face-to-face without any animosity.


I’ve heard that the lawsuit has been settled. How do you feel about the outcome?

I feel great about it! Absolutely great! The one thing I really like about it is that it allows us both to move on in life. Whether we agree or disagree on the settlement, it doesn’t really make any difference. The important thing is that it’s over.


People have been saying that the Black Widow bike isn’t at OCC anymore is that because you gave it to Paul Jr?

That’s really not a question I can…. I’m really not allowed to talk about it.

[Editorial note: Considering the stipulations of most settlements, that’s as close to a “yes” as you’ll hear]

American Chopper - Senior vs Junior

Just read that OCC is trying to build a building next to the original world headquarters. Can you tell us anything about that?

Yes. First of all, I own all of the property around there and I own the street frontage, which is in front there. We have been having difficulty with the bank trying to work out an agreement – which people don’t see. Anyhow, we’ve tried to work things out with the bank and they don’t want to cooperate, so we made a decision to build another building.

Seeing that I own the property right at the top of the hill there, we chose to put our new world headquarters up there.


When do you expect to see that project finished?

You know what, I’m going to say – where are we now? – I’m going to say by December it’ll be done. I don’t mess around.

If you think about it: the bikes that we build – especially today – we don’t just build an average chopper. We do hybrids, we do diesel, we broke three world records this year with the electric dragster, so we’re doing state-of-the-art stuff, but we still do it in the 5-week period we have to do the show. So, regardless of how big the project is, we get it done – and I think that says something about me and my company.


What are you working on right now?

We’re working with company right now called PowerProbe – we just finished the bike today, as a matter of fact. We’re fortunate that we have quite a few builds ahead of us. So, we’ve been really busy and a lot of corporations are still coming to us – which is good. It’s been a good year and, you know, the show has been doing real good and I think that has a big play in it.

I also think that one of the hugest things that happened was that Discovery moved us back to the Discovery Channel, and that’s where we belong. We started out on Discovery, we did our first three years on Discovery, and it was their highest-rated show. Then they took us over to TLC – I don’t think TLC was doing that good and I think they thought we could help them - but it was more of a woman demographic and I think it actually hurt us – and I’m not so sure it helped the station.

But they were smart enough to figure out this Junior vs. Senior thing, which I give them credit for. I didn’t agree with it, you know, but I’ve got to give to them – they figured it out and it worked really well.


American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior airs Monday @9pm on Discovery

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