'American Chopper Live: The Revenge' Build-Off Winner Revealed - Did the Best Bike Win?

American Chopper Revenge - Winner

After a heavily censored evening, the American Chopper Live: The Revenge build-off winner has finally been revealed. Mirroring the results our own poll, Paul Jr. Designs once again come out as the victor. Did the best bike win?

Now that all of the festivities are over with, fans can wonder how Senior and Junior were the calmest people on stage. Thanks to a feud between fellow Texans, Jesse James and Fast N' Loud, a good portion of the show went without sound, almost leading to a physical altercation between James and the "rich" Fast N' Loud guy.

But even though Fast N' Loud were newcomers to the build-off, they still managed to take home second place with their text book build of an old-school bike. What's interesting is why the rest of the placements weren't revealed.

After announcing team Fast N' Loud the second place winner, then Paul Jr. Design the winner, the rest of the results weren't announced. According to our poll, these are the complete rankings:

1 - Team Junior (58%)2 – Team Fast N' Loud (20%)3 – Team Jesse (13%)4 – Team Senior  (9%)

Although the official votes were more than what our poll received, statistically the percentages should be quite similar, if not identical. After all, the poll results did pick Fast N' Loud as the second place winner.

American Chopper Revenge Winner 2

What's most surprising about the results of the poll – and perhaps the reason the rest of the placements weren't announced – was that Senior's bike came in last place. After deciding to build an actual bike this year, OCC actually presented a nice looking finished product. Did it deserve fourth place? Probably not – though it's likely that the same fan favoritism that helped Junior win also caused Senior to get last place.

At the end of the day, it was up to you, the fans, to pick the best bike builder. After all is said and done, do you think the best bike won? 

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American Chopper airs Mondays @9pm on Discovery.

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