'American Chopper' Series Finale - Senior, Junior & Mikey Give Their Final Thoughts

American Chopper - Sr vs jr season 3 premiere

After 10 years on the air, American Chopper has finally come to an end. Fortunately, Senior, Junior and Mikey came together last night for the "real" finale. In it, all three Teutuls reflected on their experience making the show, good and bad, as well as revealed their final thoughts about the entire "American Chopper experience."

When the Teutuls reflect on past events, fans can typically expect to see familiar scenes of fighting, laughing, building and destruction – and in that respect, this episode wasn't much different. What this episode did have, however, was new interviews with the three Teutuls sitting next to each other, reflecting about the recent events which almost tore their family apart. For a final episode, the reunion of all the Teutuls is what fans most hoped for, no matter whose "side" they are on.

You can read the Teutuls' final thoughts below:

Senior: I think if I could change one thing over the last 10-years, it would my relationship with my sons. Thanks for sharing your living room with me over the last 10 years.

Junior: As for my father, I love him. This thing started out with the both of us, and it's been a great 10-year run. We've been living the American dream and, for that, I am forever grateful.

Mikey: I'm definitely very grateful for the past 10 years. The overall is that I've learned a lot from it, and I'm probably one of the luckiest people alive. I mean it.

Of course, American Chopper wouldn't be American Chopper without the familiar cast and crew who stood behind the Teutuls throughout their television adventures.

So as the entire crew of American Chopper, both PDJ & OCC, left for one last bike ride, everyone else gave their final thoughts:

Vinnie DiMartino: You know, thinking back on all the things we've done… It's great, man. We've done a ton of stuff, made a ton of fiends, and it's been a great ride.

Rick Petko: I never came here to work on a TV show, let alone to do what I do in the capacity that I do it. And then to have people appreciate it - and to have fans? I never would have thought in a million years that everything would have exploded like this.

Cody Connelly: I was there from the get-go. It was just, basically, Junior, Senior and I in the shop. To be a small-town guy and to have this kind of thing happen… it really was surreal.

Jason Pohl:  The best part of American Chopper, really, for me, was the ability to work with a great team. I gained an experience here that you just can't get anywhere.

Mike Ammirati: I never really expected that, myself, being on TV, that people would recognized me. It was another experience in my life, you know… One that I never thought that I would ever have.

Rachel Teutul: It's been 10-long years of this. It's made history. It's been a phenomenal thing for Paul, for his father - for both companies, really.

Towards the end of the final episode, Mikey mentioned how he believes everyone will get along much better without the television series being filmed. While this is most likely to be entirely true, it will be sad to no longer be able to catch up on what the Teutuls are up to, good or bad.

American Chopper - Senior, Junior, Mikey

As American Chopper Live: The Revenge showed, Junior and Senior are likely the calmest bike builders Discovery had working for them, thanks to Jesse James and Fast N' Loud almost fighting each other. But now that American Chopper has come to an end, one has to wonder how long, exactly, will the Teutuls be off the air.

Even after all these years, American Chopper can still draw a large audience for its shows. Although these audiences are smaller in size than they have been in the past, there's still more than enough interest from fans to see Junior and/or Senior return to television.

If that does happen, will you still be there to watch it?

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American Choppers aired from September 29, 2002 - December 18, 2012, on Discovery and TLC.

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