American Chopper: The Build-Off - Who Do You Think Won?

American Chopper Build-Off




The build-off that fans have been waiting for since American Chopper: The Series began has finally occured. Paul Teutul, Sr. , Paul Teutul, Jr. and Jesse James have all completed their respective bikes for the build-off, and now it’s time for you to decide the winner.

Fresh from a five year break from bike building, Jesse James was quick to attack his competition. With a kiln in tow, the master bike builder began his taunting with a cake delivery to OCC and PJD featuring a certain gender’s genitalia.

Of course, if you caught any of tonight’s episode, you know that the cake is the least of what James had in store. Revealing his true feelings about the Teutuls (with many swear words bleeped out), James mocked their ability to build a bike, though he did admit that it’s difficult to even compare their two styles.

Wanting to build everything he could by hand, James took to his familiar approach to bike building, which resulted in a beautiful chopper (as expected). As James said, “My theme is: bike.” But is it enough to top what Orange County Choppers and Paul Jr. Designs are bringing to the table? And is Jesse correct is saying that it’s impossible to compare the types of bikes he builds with the types of bikes Senior and Junior build?

Next up is Orange County Choppers, with their twist to the build-off. Instead of building a simple bike, OCC decided to go with an electric powered snowmobile-esque trike, which would require the rider to laydown to ride it. Replacing the tires with track, OCC ended up with something that’s more like an off-road vehicle than a bike.


In some ways, one might say that OCC was personifying the “complaints” that James has with their approach to bike building. With flame throwers to complete the build, OCC is ready to be judged, but are expecting to come in last.

Unlike his father, Paul Jr. decided to go with a theme build. Bringing a plane from WWI in the shop, Junior and company took on the task of designing with similar stylings. Proving to use more rivets to build a bike than ever before, Junior’s completed bike is without any type of fancy paint job from Nubby, but the theme is certainly conveyed brilliantly.

And now it’s up to you. You wanted a build-off between Senior, Junior and Jesse James, and now you have to decide who built the best bike by visiting the voting page on Discovery (and let us know how you voted here, as well).

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The results will be revealed during American Chopper Live - CLICK TO SEE THE AMERICAN CHOPPER: BUILD OFF WINNER

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American Chopper Live will air Tuesday, December 6 @9pm on Discovery

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