'American Chopper: The Build-Off' Winner Revealed!

American Chopper: The Build Off Winner

UPDATE:  ‘American Chopper: The Build-Off 2′ Returns For Jesse James Rematch

Live from the Hard Rock Café in Las Vegas, Nevada, American Chopper: The Build-off delivered its first live show in the history of the series. Paul Jr., Paul Sr. and Jesse James took the stage, in order to find how who you, the audience, thought built the best bike.

As if there were any question about who would come out on top, Paul Jr. bested not only his father, Paul Sr. , but he also bested one of the most regarded bike builders in the world, Jesse James. Of course, even though Junior did best James, James still made sure to let his feelings known about what the Teutuls do for a living.

With some pre-recorded bits strewn throughout, the most interesting part of American Choppers Live was having Senior and Junior sit down together and talk – something that hasn’t happened in some time. While the question about whether or not the feud between Senior and Junior was a fake felt like a waste (there’s far too much that shows otherwise), things did get interesting when father and son told each other that they loved each other.

In a move to throw some fuel on the fire, Jesse James joined the Teutuls on stage. With James on stage, things quickly got heated between Junior and James, as multiple swear words made it through the censors in their debate about what a bike really is. In an attempt to prove his point, Jesse James pointed out that Junior’s bike only had a 3/4 gallon gas tank. Junior pointed out that it holds a full gallon.

American Chopper - Build-off

As the votes were announced, Senior ended up in third place (as he expected), with Junior and James against each other for the title. As Junior was announced the winner, the typically composed bike builder excitedly jump around the stage, as the entire team of Paul Jr Designs joined him on stage.

While there was never really a question about who would end up winning, it was exciting to see American Chopper Live – especially with James telling everyone exactly how he feels about things. Despite the fact that it’s almost impossible to compare the style of bikes James builds with the style of bikes Junior and Senior builds (even though Senior didn’t build a bike), I think everyone can agree that it was an interesting experiment for the long-running Discovery serious.

Perhaps it could happen again.

…Well, maybe not.

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You can take a look at the bikes from Orange County Choppers, Paul Jr Designs and Jesse James below:

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