'American Chopper: The Build-Off 2' Returns For Jesse James Rematch - Who Will Win This Time?

American Chopper - The Build-Off 2

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The build-off is on again!  On December 10th, Senior, Junior and Jesse James will return to Las Vegas for American Chopper: The Build-Off 2. This time the trio will have a new competitor in Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman, the mechanical masterminds behind Discovery's new car renovation series Fast N' Loud. Will Junior take home the win again, or will someone else manage to take the title away from Paul Jr. Designs?

Last year, American Chopper fans (and haters) finally saw their dream build-off happen as Senior, Junior and James battled it out to find out who among them is the best bike builder. The live show saw Senior and Junior speak to each other for the first time in years and Jesse James challenge Junior to actually drive his bike any distance on its 3/4 gallon tank, among (many) other things. In the end the viewers voted Junior's P-51 Mustang fighter plane-inspired bike the winner. Even so, some fans were unhappy with the results.

With Senior essentially building some kind of barely working mutant track machine, the competition was essentially down to Junior and James. Because the majority of voters are from the American Chopper fan base, some claimed that Junior had an unfair advantage. Additionally, many cited the fact that someone could actually ride James' bike, compared to the twenty-mile travel distance Junior's bike allowed, as to Junior having an unfair advantage of form vs. function. Then again, the risers on James' bike were pretty high, so any long-distance riding on that would be a bit awkward.

As you can see, there's more than enough reason for Discovery to pit these three against each other again. Rawlings and Kaufman's inclusion is to help promote their own series, but that doesn't mean that the Gumball 3000 winner (Rawlings) and hot rodder (Kaufman) can't throw an interesting wrench in the competition. If anything, it might push Senior away from building any more driving machines, as coming in last in this competition wouldn't bode well for Orange County Choppers.

American Chopper - Build-off

With that in mind, could Senior and Junior be planning a twist for this upcoming bike build? Since Senior and Junior have been building a bike together in the current season of American Chopper, would they go as far as to enter the bike into the competition under both of their names? If so, it would be almost impossible for them to lose, no matter what James or Rawlings and Kaufman build. But would that be fair to their competitors?

Even though it's highly unlikely for something like that to happen, it would be extremely interesting to watch. Instead, it's likely that we'll get a few stand-alone episodes covering the build, leading to the December 10th live show, with the results announced the following night. Last year's build-off brought in 4.8 million viewers, so it's unlikely that Discovery will want to gamble that on a twist to the competition about a bike viewers have already seen so much of.

There is much speculation to be had, but the question must once again be asked: Who will win the build-off?

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American Chopper: The Build-Off 2 airs December 10 and 11 on Discovery

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