American Assassin Red Band Trailer: Dylan O'Brien is an Action Hero

A red band trailer is now online for the upcoming American Assassin. Late author Vince Flynn racked up a string of New York Times bestsellers with his series of novels centered on the exploits of loose-cannon counter-terrorism operative Mitch Rapp. One of those novels, American Assassin, is heading to the big screen with Dylan O'Brien starring as a youthful Rapp and Michael Keaton playing his crusty mentor Stan Hurley.

American Assassin came late in the run of Rapp novels, but was actually set earlier than the others, going back to delve into the origins of Mitch Rapp. The film picks up Rapp's story as a young man driven to despair by the death of his girlfriend in a terrorist attack and seeking to get revenge by becoming a terrorist-killing operative. Rapp is sent to train with Keaton's Hurley - and though he has an aptitude for the work, he must learn to tame his anger if he wants to make it.

In the new American Assassin red band trailer released by CBS Films (seen above), we get a taste of the movie's highly-charged tone and slick action (and some of that action is pretty gruesome, hence the red band trailer). Dylan O'Brien's Mitch Rapp comes off like a cross between Jack Ryan and John Wick as he simmers with rage, spars with Keaton's character and eventually locks horns with the movie's villain, a mysterious character named Ghost played by Taylor Kitsch. There's also a brief glimpse of O'Brien having an intense fight in a bathroom with a dark-haired woman who is likely the character Annika, played by Shiva Negar.

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Dylan O'Brien in American Assassin

The trailer thoroughly lays out the lead character's conflicted nature. He wants to avenge the death of his girlfriend, but in the world of undercover operatives, those kinds of feelings only get in the way of doing the job. The trailer doesn't give away too much in terms of the plot, but does give a lot of samples of incredibly bloody action, including a shot of Michael Keaton biting someone's ear off and another very graphic shot of a man getting his head run over. There's also a bigger special effects sequence showing helicopters, explosions and naval vessels in distress, and a shot of two characters being tossed around inside an aircraft that would make Tom Cruise proud.

At least one of the scenes, of O'Brien shooting a bunch of (presumed) bad guys in a room, has a distinct John Wick feel to it. The man orchestrating all the action is director Michael Cuesta, who has experience with stories set against a backdrop of international intrigue, having directed several episodes of Homeland as well as the true story-based Jeremy Renner CIA drama, Kill the Messenger.

American Assassin also stars Scott Adkins (Doctor Strange), Sanaa Lathan (Now You See Me 2) and David Suchet (The Bank Job). Check out some poster art as well as the first non-red-band trailer for the film.

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Source: CBS Films

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