Evan Peters & Blake Jenner Interview: American Animals

Blake Jenner is an American actor and singer, who is most known for winning the second season of Oxygen’s The Glee Project and his work on Glee. Evan Peters is an American actor most known for his work in FX’s anthology horror series, American Horror Story. He is also known for his role of Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past and X-Men: Apocalypse. They both appear together in the upcoming American Animals, which will be released in theaters on June 1, 2018.

Screen Rant got a chance to talk with Blake Jenner and Evan Peters on press day, where we discussed what they found most fascinating about the heist the film was based off of, whose perception of the story resonates true for them, and what should we expect to see from Quicksilver in X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

SR: That movie was incredible. It was like if Zack Morris actually made a real heist.

[Evan Peters and Blake Jenner laugh]

Evan Peters: Woah!

SR: Like if it was a real thing. So what was the most fascinating part about the actual heist to you?

Evan Peters: With the one the guys did? The most fascinating part? I think for me, it’s like that moment of, you’ve planned all of this. You’ve done all of this. It’s kind of, that sounds really fun to me. Planning a heist. But then at the moment of ‘Wow. I’m actually going through with this’, I think the actual level of anxiety, shaking, and sweating would be sort of unbearable because I’m too scared to do any of that stuff. I don’t know. I just would never be able to deal with what they dealt with. So, yeah. I don't know. That to me is the most intense moment of actually doing it.

SR: Right.

Blake Jenner: Same. Just like, when the paranoia sets in, I find that so interesting because in the movie, when all of that is going down and when you’re in that kind of emotional state, nobody is really saying anything, but I feel like they are screaming on the inside. You know what I mean? That’s so interesting to me.

SR: I felt like Chas has the most to lose in this movie and did you talk to him in real life and get any input from him?

Blake Jenner: I didn’t. I watched some interviews that I think Bart sent us all a few clips of our actual counterparts that he had already filmed before we started shooting. But, really it was just he didn’t want us to feel a responsibility to do right by these guys or how they wanted to be portrayed or anything like that. So, all the research was really done in house and, with the rehearsals and getting to know each other, once you get to know somebody and get comfortable, you aren’t afraid to go from 1 to 10 and fail five times until you get it. So, a lot of in house work, but it was kind of fulfilling.

Evan Peters: It was kind of creating our own version of it and, like you said, he didn’t want to feel like you are walking around eggshells trying to live up to them and Bart wanted to separate the fantasy version to what was the real version of them telling it.

SR: It’s interesting you say that though, because I think sometimes we see a lot through Warren’s eyes. Let me ask you both this. Do you think Warren’s story is the factual story? Or do you think he kind of embellished it a bit?

Evan Peters: [chuckles] For some reason, I trust Warren the most. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because he’s the f***ing - sorry.

[All laugh]

Evan Peters: I don’t know. He’s that kind of guy. He’s kind of a goofy, charming guy. I mean, you love him. You can’t not love the guy and for that reason you trust him. The other guys not so much.

[All laugh]

SR: How about you? Do you believe in Warren’s story at all?

Blake Jenner: I do for two reasons. First, after reading the script and watching the movie, it’s like, oh man, I go through this. I do believe. I do believe. I think it just went awry, but I do believe in Warren’s story, going and getting all of this done. Flying across the country and connecting the dots and all that stuff. And also, for my character, I don’t think he would have gone along with it if he didn’t think everything was like organic and real deal.

SR: Chas is a smart guy.

Blake Jenner: He would be doing his best to read between the lines and if he smelled BS, he would be out. For that reason too, I have to say yeah. Absolutely.

SR: Now I have an upcoming view of X-Men: Dark Phoenix. I have to ask how does Quicksilver grow from what we’ve seen in the past.

Evan Peters: Hard to say. He’s definitely a little older and more mature. A little more subdued. Sort of trying to make a, not a name, but trying to do right by the X-Men and be a good guy. He’s trying to use his powers for good, so I think he’s on that path at the moment.

SR: And Billy Boy.

Blake Jenner: Oh, yeah.

SR: You star and you wrote that. Talk to me about that. That’s your reality now. It got shopped around. You got it picked up. So how does that feel?

Blake Jenner: That feels awesome, man. It’s been a long time coming with this. It’s kind of like giving birth to a baby, doing your best to raise it, and now it’s going to college and you’re like, “Oh man. Remember your please and thank you’s.” [laughs] But it’s great. I’m really proud of it and I think, you know, through the editing process, we all found a formula to tell the story in a way that we all felt like we had some skin in the game with it. I’m just really excited to see how it resonates with people.

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