AMC's NOS4A2 Gets a Trailer & Premiere Date

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AMC's upcoming adaptation of Joe Hill's NOS4A2 novel has finally released a full length trailer for its series premiere. Alongside this, the network has also set a summer premiere date for the Zachary Quinto-starring horror show. This comes less than a month after a vague teaser trailer was released by AMC that was a little light on plot details. Luckily, this new trailer shows a little more of what to expect from NOS4A2.

The novel penned by Hill, who is the son of prolific horror author Stephen King, focuses on Vic McQueen (Ashleigh Cummings) trying desperately to keep her son out of the hands of Charlie Manx (Quinto), an immortal monster who stores (and eventually devours) the souls of children in Christmasland, a world of his own creation where being unhappy is not allowed. NOS4A2 was well-received by critics, appearing on many year-end best-of lists and was picked up by AMC in 2015 as a series. Eventually, Quinto joined the show as Manx, giving the adaptation some proper star power.

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Now, Quinto and the rest of the cast gets to show off some of the finished product in the first full trailer for AMC's NOS4A2, which reveals many plot points from the novel, including the best look yet at Christmasland and the Shorter Way Bridge. In addition to this, AMC has set a June 2 premiere date for the series. The trailer can be viewed below:

From the looks of things, NOS4A2 will be following Hill's book fairly closely. From Vic's ability to find anyone by crossing the Shorter Way Bridge to the ghoulish appearance of the children trapped in Christmasland, creator and showrunner Jami O'Brien has seemingly crafted a premiere that will make fans of the novel excited. Basically, NOS4A2 is looking like it'll embrace the surreal horror of its source material, and it helps that Quinto seems genuinely creepy in the role of Manx.

Still, with only one novel to draw from, it's unclear if NOS4A2 has much potential to last beyond more than a couple seasons at most (the novel itself is over 700 pages, so stretching the show to two 10-episode seasons doesn't seem like it'll be too difficult). If AMC does plan on expanding on the novel and has several seasons planned, like the route Starz seems to be going with American Gods, hopefully it doesn't betray the spirit of Hill's novel in doing so. Either way, it looks like NOS4A2 is set to be the network's next big horror show.

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NOS4A2 will air on Sundays on AMC starting June 2.

Source: AMC

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