Joe Hill's NOS4A2 & Two Other Series in Development At AMC

Joe Hill NOS4A2

AMC has announced that they are opening their writer's rooms for some exciting new projects under consideration for series orders: NOS4A2Pandora, and Silent History. Owned by AMC Networks, AMC is known for its hit original series like Breaking Bad, Mad Men, The Walking DeadInto the Badlands and, most recently, last year's Preacher and this year's The Son starring Pierce Brosnan.

In a press release by AMC, the first of the three new projects being considered for series orders is author Joe Hill's NOS4A2, which is being developed and executive produced by Jami O'Brien (Hell on Wheels and Fear the Walking Dead). The AMC Studios and Tornante Co-Production series is based on the novel by Hill and is about a woman named Victoria Queen who has a secret for finding things - a misplaced bracelet, a missing photograph, unanswerable questions - and she is the only one who can track down Charles Manx, a man who has a way with children and transports them to an astonishing, and terrifying, playground of amusements he calls “Christmasland.”

The second series in consideration is Pandora, created and executive produced by Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley (Humans and MI-5) with Sister Pictures. The global mystery-thriller follows three converging storylines as ordinary individuals try to piece together dark secrets leaking out into the world after advanced malware dismantles encryption across the Internet.

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The third series in consideration is Silent History, created by Claire Carré and Charles Spano (Embers) and executive produced by Owen Shiflett
. The series is based off the app and novel The Silent History by Eli Horowitz, Matthew Derby and Kevin Moffatt and tells the story of a generation of unusual children who are born without the ability to create or comprehend language, but have unique skills of their own. As the condition spreads to epidemic levels, society is faced with how to deal with this new evolution of humans with the series playing on fears of technology and the threat of “the other,” shaking up our assumptions about who we are and how we should live.

These new projects are part of the AMC new script-to-series model which forgoes the traditional pilot process and instead opens their writers' rooms where they develop several scripts for several episodes and a detailed look at the first season before deciding whether to move to a straight-to-series order. Charlie Collier, president of AMC, SundanceTV and AMC Studios, commented on this process and on the new series they are developing. Here is what Collier said:

“We look forward to diving deep into these three distinctive projects and opening writers’ rooms that allow our talented creative partners to take their visions to the next level. It's gratifying to have Jami, Sam and Jonathan, who have been so important to AMC’s success through their previous work, bring new projects to the network. We also welcome and look forward to working with Claire and Charles as they explore their unique take on an exciting world.”

With AMC being known to produce stellar Emmy-winning original programming like Breaking Bad and Mad Men, we are excited about these latest developments for their upcoming projects and expect nothing less for these new series being considered for development.

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