AMC 'Search For Stubs' Contest Update

AMC Search For Stubs

The summer movie season kicked off with a bang as Fast Five dominated the weekend box office and crowds hit theaters in droves - and so did I, as the Search For Stubs contest continued.

In fact, I joined the masses twice this weekend to see the crazy vehicular action movie.

I can't say this challenge has been easy. In fact, my body is giving up on me as we speak. As many of you know, funny things happen when you push your body in ways it isn't used to (or aren't natural). Now, going to movies isn't the most difficult task in the world but currently, as a binge movie-goer, I can speak with authority and say it's certainly having adverse effects. I won't ask for forgiveness here, but if you see me at an AMC location, I could use an extra packet of Emergen-C.

So far in the contest I have seen 33 movies at 25 different venues in two weeks. There is one full week left and new locations are running thin. I will essentially exhaust them all when I head over to Indiana for a few more venues and add another state to the list. After that, it's a combination of rotating theaters to stay fresh and checking out the new releases.

That's right, I will see Prom.

Prom Movie

One movie that particularly excites me is Top Gun. The classic Tom Cruise film hits select AMC locations on Monday night - and I'm sure it won't disappoint on the big screen. Look for me, and my aviator sunglasses, tomorrow.

The contest ends on Friday and I'll be giving a couple more updates this week. For now, please head over to the voting site and cast your vote for me in the favorite blogger contest.

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