AMC Theatres' Search For Stubs Challenge: Help Screen Rant Win!

AMC Search For Stubs

Here at Screen Rant, we are fortunate to have the best readers on the web. An exciting opportunity has come our way and we need you to help push me, Screen Rant writer/video editor Mike Eisenberg, to the top of the leaderboard.

AMC Theatres has launched a new rewards program called AMC Stubs. As part of the initial launch, they have selected three movie bloggers to compete in a movie-watching competition like no other. The contestant who earns the most AMC Stubs points between April 15th and May 6th will win the grand prize of five years of free movies.

Here is how you can get involved. First, head over to the AMC Stubs Facebook page and learn more about the AMC Stubs program and how this contest is integrated into the program. More importantly, I want you to come to a movie with me.

I am based in Chicago, IL and will do much of my movie-going around the city - but I will also be in New York City from April 23rd through April 26th. I will hold a contest of some kind within the next couple of weeks to pick a winner who will attend a movie "on the house" with me and be a part of a Screen Rant video blog about the event.

Aside from the contest, there is one way to truly help me win. Once you've signed up for AMC Stubs, head over HERE and vote for me. If I get the most votes, I'll earn 5,000 points (a huge amount). This is where the massive brotherhood of Screen Rant readers comes into play. AMC Stubs costs $12 per year, but the rewards seem very generous, especially a $10 return for every $100 you spend at AMC Theatre locations. Essentially, you'll get that yearly expense back after only a couple trips to the theater.

Here is the points breakdown so you have a better idea of the contest:

Points          Action100             Purchased ticket50              Each additional ticket purchase per movie (for a friend, for example)1,000          Visits a new theatre200            Visits a theatre in a new state200            Popcorn and fountain drink purchase100            Concession upgrade50             For each additional concession purchase (for a friend, for example)5,000          The blogger with the most friends on

Obviously, the two biggest components of this contest are new theaters and AMC Stubs friends. I've looked through some scheduling possibilities and hope to see somewhere between 30-40 movies in the 21 days of competition. It will be difficult, but exciting and doable.The only way I can survive this mentally is to see these movies with friends. If you live in the Chicago area, don't hesitate to contact me and maybe we can go to a few movies together.

The easy part is going to the movie theater. But I want this to be more than that - I want you to get involved. Stay tuned for at least two updates per week on my whereabouts, experiences, movie reviews and more, and hopefully you can win a free movie ticket and become part of the competition.

Are you already an AMC Stubs member? Do you want to get involved and hit the theater with me? Leave me a message about the contest in the comments section below.

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