AMC Launching Subscription Service to Compete With MoviePass

AMC to launch its Premiere A-List movie subscription service, which will offer subscribers an alternative to MoviePass, the movie ticketing service.

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It was only a matter of time before MoviePass got some competition in the world of movie subscription services and that time has come now with AMC Theaters announcing a similar service called Premiere A-List.

With MoviePass, moviegoers pay a monthly subscription fee of $9.95, which allows subscribers to see as many movies as they want within that month. The service works with nearly every movie theater in the U.S. and continues to gain momentum, particularly with moviegoers who like to go to the theater often. Although it hardly seems like a sustainable business model, tens of thousands of moviegoers have signed up for the service, which offers the benefit of seeing unlimited movies for just the price of one, although it does limit members to one movie per day. Other limitations have been introduced, such as limiting members to seeing the same movie only once.

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Slashfilm reports that AMC plans on getting in on the movie subscription service. Its Premiere A-List will allow moviegoers to attend three movies a week for the price of $19.95 per month. This includes seeing movies in any format, such as IMAX, Real3D, Dolby, Prime and Big D. Interested moviegoers can sign up via the AMC website or app and have access to the subscription immediately (Moviepass requires members to wait for a membership card to arrive via mail).

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Of course, the service is limited to AMC-owned theaters, but it also includes all the perks of AMC's Stubs Premiere membership, which includes free popcorn and drink upgrades, no online ticketing fees and the ability to skip the line at the ticket and concession counters. And although Premiere A-List limits the number of movies that viewers see per week to just three, it doesn't limit them to one film per day - a member can see all three movies in one day if they choose.

This puts AMC in direct competition with MoviePass, although it does cost more and limits moviegoers to AMC theaters. It could serve as bad news for MoviePass, though, which isn't making much of a profit as it is, forcing it to look at other ways of making money at the theaters. MoviePass recently announced that it would soon get into the business of movie distribution and recently changed its terms of service with language that seems targeted at its more frequent users.

Whatever the case, AMC could have the upper hand here, especially considering how widespread its theaters are throughout the U.S. After it purchased Carmike Cinemas in 2016, AMC became the sole theater for many smaller and rural communities. Avid moviegoers in those areas will find great value in Premiere A-List, as well in other communities where MoviePass hasn't taken off yet.

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Source: Slashfilm

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