The Longest Movie Ever Gets 7-Hour Trailer

Everyone who thought that Batman V Superman was too long, hold on to your hats. There's a movie coming out in a few years that will make the 151 minutes of the recent super-heroic tussle feel like a blink-and-you-miss-it moment in comparison.

Swedish director Anders Weberg is working on an experimental film called Ambiancéthat's due for release in 2020. The film is so long that he just released a "short" trailer that clocks in at 439 minutes. That's right, the trailer alone is well over 7 hours long.

The trailer, which you can watch above, isn't actually the first trailer for Ambiancé; Weberg released the original trailer for the film last year, which clocked in at a paltry 72 minutes. According to The Independent, a third trailer is expected in 2018 that is estimated to run for a full 72 hours. Don't worry about the long trailers giving away everything in the movie, though, since the final cut of Ambiancé is expected to have a runtime of around 30 days -- or 720 hours worth of movie.

So what exactly does a film that runs for 30 days contain? Well, in this case it contains a pair of performance artists on a rocky beach in southern Sweden. That's basically it; there aren't any cuts to other locales, no large casts or action sequences. You have two guys on a beach in slightly unfocused black and white, with an overlay on the film and some music. The movie is described as being a tale where "space and time is intertwined into a surreal dream-like journey beyond places."

While this is certainly not going to appeal to everyone, there is something wonderful in the idea of a filmmaker experimenting with his craft and creating something like Ambiancé, which will almost certainly prompt a wide array of opinions and interpretations. A 30-day-long movie may seem excessive, as do 7-hour and 3-day trailers, but you have to consider that these trailers are a part of the "art" as well. People complain that there is nothing original in film anymore... well, here's your originality. All 720 hours of it.

One has to wonder whether anyone (aside from perhaps Weberg himself) will ever actually watch the entirety of Ambiancé. Anyone who does will almost certainly have a unique take on this singular film, which may be of as much interest as the film itself.

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Ambiancé is slated for release on December 31, 2020.

Source: The Independent

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The Longest Movie Ever Gets 7-Hour Trailer