Don't Breathe's Jane Levy Joins Amazon Zombie TV Pilot Sea Oak

Don't Breathe and Evil Dead lead Jane Levy is staying in the horror genre by joining the cast of Amazon's half-hour zombie comedy pilot, Sea Oak. Levy must truly enjoy horror because she also just signed on to appear in Hulu's Stephen King-inspired, J.J. Abrams-produced series, Castle Rock.

In Sea Oak, award-winning actress Glenn Close plays a timid, childless spinster who dies in a home invasion but comes back to life as a rage-filled zombie who terrorizes her nephew and nieces as she attempts to live the life she missed out on the first time around. Close recently battled the undead in the well-reviewed indie film The Girl With All the Gifts, but this time she gets to join the ranks of the zombies.

Bloody Disgusting reports that Jane Levy has signed on to join Close in the Sea Oak pilot described as "a mix of zombie drama and family revenge comedy." The show gets its title from the name of the dismal housing development where Close and her unfortunate extended family, a nephew who works as a stripper and two good-for-nothing nieces, live out their sad days. The show is written by George Saunders (Winky) and executive produced by Jonathan Krauss through Affiliated Pictures and Evan Dunsky (Nurse Jackie), with the latter acting as showrunner.

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Glenn Close is getting a zombie makeover in Sea Oak

Jane Levy is becoming something of a scream queen with an ever-lengthening list of horror movie/TV show credits to her name. The actress first made an impression in the non-horror Showtime series Shameless, then in 2013 jumped to a leading role in a feature film by playing Mia in the Fede Alvarez remake of Sam Raimi's Evil Dead. Alvarez brought Levy back for another go-around in the horror genre by casting her as Rocky in his pulse-pounding home invasion thriller Don't Breathe. Levy has built up enough of a fanbase on the internet that many would like to see her win the role of Batgirl in the DCEU.

With Sea Oak, Amazon will attempt another zombie/domestic-comedy mash-up along the lines of Netflix's Drew Barrymore series Santa Clarita Diet. With straight-forward zombie drama like The Walking Dead beginning to lose steam with audiences, producers are getting more-and-more creative in finding ways to renew the form by mixing in elements from other genres. Whether Sea Oak works with viewers remains to be seen, but Amazon is off to a good start by attracting a pair of skilled and interesting stars in Close and Levy.

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Source: Bloody Disgusting

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