• Amazon has partnered with Sony TV to bring The Wheel of Time series to life. 1 / 8

  • Penned by Robert Jordan, the action fantasy follows Moiraine on a journey in a world where women hold the key to magic. 2 / 8

  • Moiraine is a member of a shadowy organization called the Aes Sedai. 3 / 8

  • Amazon announced Rosamund Pike of Gone Girl and State of the Union has been tapped to play Moiraine in the series. 4 / 8

  • The Wheel of Time could be the next big fantasy series after HBO's Game of Thrones. 5 / 8

  • The Lord of the Rings TV series is also in development at Amazon. 6 / 8

    Sauron in Lord of the Rings Vertical TLDR
  • Pike cast as Moiraine has furthered anticipation for the series which is one of the most acclaimed fantasy series of all time. 7 / 8

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