Amazon In Talks To Revive The Expanse After Cancellation

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Following its cancelation at SYFY and the outpouring of support from a devoted fan base, The Expanse may get a second chance at life with Amazon. It’s been a rough couple of weeks for TV audiences, as a number of well-liked series received an unceremonious ax as the networks finalized their schedules for the upcoming 2018-2019 season. There were plenty of disappointing cancelations, like Last Man on Earth, Kevin (Probably) Saves the World, and The Mick. But as is the case nearly every year, a handful of shows have emerged hoping for a last-minute save from another network or, more likely, a streaming service with very deep pockets, such as Lucifer, Designated Survivor, and The Expanse.

Though it often seems like a long shot, there’s reason for fans to hold out hope. After all, the wave of cancelations weren’t all bad news, as FOX’s decision to cancel Brooklyn Nine-Nine was reversed just a day later by NBC, who will deliver a 13-episode season 6 (and hopefully more) next year. And while not every show benefits from the largesse of the Peacock Network, which actually reversed it’s own decision to cancel Timeless last year, the idea of The Expanse heading to Amazon is one fans have been pushing for since news broke season 3 would be its last (on SYFY, anyway). 

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As reported by Deadline, talks between Alcon Television Group -- who produces the series -- and Amazon are very early going. And while the deal would seem like a no-brainer — Amazon gets a critically acclaimed series it can add to its original content library — there are some hurdles that could stymie the deal, even for the company that Bezos built.  

Past seasons of The Expanse are already available for Prime subscribers, so it would make sense for the series to transition to the streaming service now that it’s ostensibly without a home. The only problem is, Netflix has the rights to carry the series outside of North America. Thankfully, according to Deadline, although that might make things a little trickier, it by no means makes them impossible.

In the wake of the cancelation, the series has been the subject of some intense fan campaigning on its behalf, with a #SaveTheExpanse banner being flown over Amazon Studios in California last week. Whether or not that stunt swayed the powers that be at the studio is difficult to say, but such an overt display of support likely didn’t hurt the show’s chances. With any luck, Amazon will reach a deal with Alcon and one of the best sci-fi series on television will have a new home before too long. 

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The Expanse continues on Wednesday with ‘Delta-V’ on SYFY. 

Source: Deadline

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