Sneaky Pete Season 2 Trailer: Giovanni Ribisi’s Long Con Continues

Season 2 of Amazon’s incredibly fun Sneaky Pete finally has a return date and a brand new trailer that offers some hints as to just how long the con can go on. Season 1 hit Prime Video in January of last year, becoming one of the most entertaining, if not overlooked series of 2017. It was the end of a long road for the conman drama after the original pilot was scrapped by CBS, before Amazon swooped in and Justified mastermind Graham Yost stepped in to re-work the series into something more suitable for the streaming service and its audience.

The result was a must watch for anyone who gets a thrill out of watching conmen do their thing. But Sneaky Pete has more than just the long con going for it, as the series features a tremendous cast led by Giovanni Ribisi that also includes, Marin Ireland, Peter Gerety, Libe Barer, and, as the trailer notes, three-time Emmy Award winner Margo Martindale (which is apparently the 2018 version of referring to her as Character actress Margo Martindale). Over the course of the first 10-episode season, the family that Ribisi’s Marius was conning into thinking he was Pete (Ethan Embry) became like most supporting characters on a series run by Yost: arguably the best part of the show.

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The second season appears to pick up not long after where season 1 ended. And with any conman story worth its salt, there needs to be a good reason for the con to go on. As it turns out, season 2 will introduce a pair of thugs looking to get their hands on the money Pete’s mom absconded with, and to ensure they do, the two criminals promise to put the hurt on the family Marius came to care so much about.

Sneaky Pete Season 2 Poster

That puts Marius in a tight spot; one that’s not too far removed from season 1, where he assumed Pete’s identity as a means of saving not only himself but also his brother from Vince, the crime boss played by Bryan Cranston (who is also a co-creator of the series). This time, though, there’s more than Marius and his brother’s life at stake, which says a lot about the kind of guy Marius really is, since the longer he sticks around convincing everyone he’s Pete, the greater chance there is that his cover will be blown. As the trailer demonstrates, that concern is set to come to a head, as Embry’s Pete appears to find himself inadvertently escaping from prison, presumably putting him on a collision course with Marius and the rest of his family.

If you were a fan of the first season, this trailer should have you properly excited for season 2. The stakes feel higher, the cons more elaborate, and there appears to be a heist element introduced at some point, basically making Sneaky Pete the must-see television show this spring.

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Sneaky Pete season 2 premieres Friday, March 9 on Amazon Prime Video.

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