Amazon Prime Bringing The Boys, Expanse & Carnival Row to SDCC

Amazon Prime are set for a strong showing at San Diego Comic Con 2019, bringing The Boys, The Expanse and Carnival Row along for the trip.

The Expanse cast

Amazon Prime will be showcasing The BoysThe Expanse and Carnival Row at this year's San Diego Comic Con event. Although Netflix remains the undisputed leader among the ever-growing selection of streaming services, Amazon Prime has been steadily growing its catalog of original content and are now attracting bigger stars and more sought-after properties. One of Amazon's most hotly anticipated shows currently in development is The Boys, based on the graphic novels by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. Starring Karl UrbanThe Boys depicts an R-rated world where superheroes have spiraled out of control and only a group of steroid-fueled eccentrics are capable of keeping them violently in check.

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Initially running on the SyFy network, The Expanse was cancelled after 3 seasons. After backlash from fans, The Expanse was quickly picked up by Amazon, who have made the entire series available for streaming and are set to premiere season 4 later this year. The science fiction series has been widely praised by critics and appears to have found a stable new home. With the star power of Cara Delevingne and Orlando BloomCarnival Row is already attracting attention and promises to mix fantasy elements with a neo-noir murder mystery plot.

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These three shows will form the basis of Amazon Prime's presence at SDCC 2019. Amazon have revealed that there will be immersive, interactive activation experiences inspired by each series, complete with live performers and exclusive parties. Amazon's SDCC lineup also includes a fan premiere of The Boys and a series of panels that will include Bloom, Delevingne and Urban, as well as stars from other Amazon properties such as The Man In The High Castle and Undone. SDCC attendees should be able to find the Amazon Prime Video Experience easily enough by heading towards a giant 40-foot tower with LED screens showing scenes from the platform's upcoming releases.

Orlando Bloom Cara Delevingne in Carnival Row Amazon Prime

With each passing year, companies are making more effort to stand out at SDCC and make sure their offerings generate buzz among the plethora of other material on display at the event. Certainly, Amazon appear to be going the extra mile in this regard, with fans able to take a ride on The Expanse's Rocinante and investigate a superhero murder. It sounds like those in attendance could spend an entire day of the convention period just taking in Amazon's fare, should they wish. Some further surprises may also be in store, particularly when it comes to The Expanse, and more news on the forthcoming season (perhaps even a trailer) would be very welcome after the show was nearly dropped altogether.

Not only does this news highlight how Amazon Prime has developed as both a streaming platform and a genuine contender to Netflix, but it also reaffirms how vital the SDCC event has become to studios of all sizes and it surely won't be long before the convention is spread over a longer period in order to allow fans the chance to enjoy as much as possible. As ever, Amazon Prime will face stiff competition for attention but this year's lineup surely puts the company in a promising position.

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The Boys premieres July 26th and Carnival Row premieres August 30th on Amazon Prime. The Expanse season 4 is currently without a release date.

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