It’s been two years since Mad Men ended, thus signaling the climax of one of the best shows of its era, and fans had critics alike have been eagerly awaiting news of Matthew Weiner’s next project. His ambition and literary style made him a favorite with Emmy voters and turned AMC into a must-watch network. Amazon seemed keen to get Weiner on board, allegedly negotiating a $50m budget for his new series, The Romanoffs, an anthology that will follow a series of people connected by their belief that they are descendants of the Romanov family, the last imperial dynasty to rule Russia before being murdered by revolutionaries. Romanov conspiracies plagued the mid 20th century, particularly those centered on the Emperor’s daughter Anastasia, who many believed had survived the massacre and lived into adulthood under a new identity, and several women did step forward alleging to be her (this was proven false by DNA testing). In an interview with

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Weiner laid out his plans for the series, and they are as ambitious as you can imagine, with the anthology structure of Black Mirror noted as an influence. No casting has been announced but Weiner has not ruled out bringing in some of his Mad Men favorites.

No air date has been announced yet for The Romanoffs.

Too Old to Die Young

Nicolas Winding Refn All of Amazon’s Upcoming Original TV Shows

Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive) joins Amazon’s ranks as another auteur from the film world ready to put his stamp on television. Too Old to Die Young was greenlit with a straight-to-series 10-episode pickup and will start filming later this year in LA. Miles Teller (Whiplash) will star as an officer in the LAPD working amidst the city’s criminal underworld, navigating the turf wars between the various factions of Russian mobsters, Mexican cartels and Japanese assassins. In typical Nicolas Winding Refn style, the series is said to followkillers’ existential journeys in becoming samurai”, so expect visceral violence and a top-notch soundtrack.

No air date has been announced yet for Too Old to Die Young.


sausage party movie sequel All of Amazon’s Upcoming Original TV Shows

Sausage Party was one of 2016’s most surprising hits. Who would have thought an animated film about the secret and super adult lives of supermarket food would make over $140m? Annapurna, the studio that produced the film, certainly saw its potential and is now on board with the latest venture from Conrad Vernon. Based on the darkly comedic Mollisan Town books from Tim Davy, Amberville is a noir-inspired story of sex, drugs, and gangsters that just happens to be populated by living, breathing stuffed toy animals. A high concept story, sure, but Sausage Party proved there was an audience for this team’s work, and TV isn’t short of a few boundary-pushing genre cartoons aimed squarely at grown-ups, from South Park to Rick and Morty.

No air date has been announced yet for Amberville.


Lore Podcast All of Amazon’s Upcoming Original TV Shows

In just a few short years, podcasting has become a cultural phenomenon, influencing the worlds of comedy, journalism and storytelling. Making the jump to the big or small screen, however, hasn’t been easy for the medium, but Amazon are ready to take a risk and have commissioned a series based on the hit podcast Lore. Hosted by Aaron Mahnke, Lore is an anthology style series that explores the history, facts and fiction behind various folkloric tales. It’s a suitably eerie show, loaded with atmosphere, and producer Gale Anne Hurd (The Walking Dead) is hoping to replicate the magic on-screen.

No air date has been announced yet for Lore, but it is said the premiere will be some time this year.

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