Amazon Orders Adult Animated Series From BoJack Horseman Creator

Amazon is branching out into the adult animated TV series business with the help of the creators of Bojack Horseman. The streaming platform, famous for its more kid-friendly shows like the Daytime Emmy award-winning Lost in Ozhas previously failed to greenlight other adult animated pilots that its commissioned over the years, making this new series from Bojack Horseman creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg, writer-producer Kate Purdy and Michael Eisner's Tornante company, a milestone for Amazon studios.

Bojack Horseman centers on the story of Bojack, a Hollywood celebrity horse in a world where animals and humans coexist. The series follows him through his ups and downs and has garnered both critical and fan acclaim. With a fifth season on the way, Netflix has also greenlit a second series from Bob-WaksbergThe new show, Tuca & Bertie will feature a similar animation style to Bojack Horseman. The series will star Tiffany Haddish, who is also slated to executive produce.


According to Deadline, Amazon's series will branch out into a new direction for Bob-Waksberg. The new series, titled Undone, will star Rosa Salazar (The Maze Runneras Alma. After a near-fatal car accident, Alma discovers that she has an unusual relationship with time and uses it to explore the elastic nature of reality while solving mysteries related to personal tragedies in her life. The series has cast Angelique Cabral (Life in Pieces) as Alma's younger sister.

The series is currently in pre-production and slated to appear on Amazon Prime Video in 2019. Series creators Purdy and Bob-Waksberg have promised a show that will blow fans minds, paying tribute to artist Hisko Hulsing, who will supervise the production team out of the Netherlands.

"We are grateful to Amazon Studios for the opportunity to tell Alma’s story and follow her as she seeks to find a deeper meaning to her existence. Hisko’s beautiful artwork and masterful use of light and color will create a look never seen before on a television show that will make audiences lose their minds."

Netflix's Bojack Horseman re-wrote the genre of "animated cartoon" by delivering a surprisingly heartfelt and incredible look at the creative mind and the mental health that keeps it stable. With Undone promising to explore the "elastic nature of reality" the creators seem poised to continue those same themes within the show. It's no small leap for Salazar, who will be exploring the nature of reality and identity next in Robert Rodriguez's Battle Angel AlitaThe biggest challenge will be Amazon competing with the incredible creative slate that Netflix has delivered.

For a network like Amazon, competing against other streaming platforms, they've managed to hold their own consistently. From The Tick to Philip K Dick's Electric Dreams, Amazon is taking their time to garner an audience dominated by Netflix and Hulu. Smart decisions like teaming up with the creators of Bojack Horseman can only help them continue to make their mark.


Source: Deadline

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