Amazon’s Hanna TV Series Teaser Begins With A Baby Heist

Saoirse Ronan in Hanna

Amazon is bringing a TV version of Joe Wright’s 2011 teen assassin film, Hannato Prime subscribers, and the first teaser for the new series goes back to the title character’s first days. Announced in the first quarter of 2017, the series quickly gained traction for a variety of reasons, not the least of which being that it was adapted from an entertaining movie, the premise of which could actually sustain a television series for several seasons. 

The series also attracted the likes of writer David Farr, who also adapted John le Carré’s The Night Manager for BBC and AMC, helping pave the way for last year’s superb The Little Drummer Girl. More than that, however, this new version of Hanna will feature a television reunion, as The Killing stars Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman will star, with Enos in the role of an agent in pursuit of Kinnaman’s Erik and his daughter, Hanna, played by Esme Creed-Miles. 

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Things have been fairly quiet regarding the series since the castings were announced, but now it looks as though Amazon is just a few months away from delivering its adaptation, as the recently released teaser trailer not only begins with a baby heist, but it also reveals the show will begin streaming in March. Check out the brief teaser trailer below: 

It’s a good bet this teaser is targeting fans of the original film, as it doesn’t exactly go out of its way to inform the viewer what, exactly, they’re watching. That the teaser hints at Hanna’s abduction from a hospital nursery may mean the series is altering the character’s story from the original film somewhat, or, at the very least, may intend to fill in as many of the gaps from her past as possible. Either way, it’s difficult to tell from the teaser. 

There is also little confirmation as to whether or not the Hanna TV series will make use of the fairy tale elements that the film did. That may depend on who readily the series aims to follow in the footsteps of Wright’s work, or if it plans to forge its own thematic path as it moves forward. So far, the teaser has managed to raise a number of interesting questions, which pretty much means it’s a job well done. 

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Hanna is set to premiere in March on Amazon Prime Video.

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