Amazon's The Grand Tour Game Gets Its First Trailer

The Grand Tour Game

Amazon's The Grand Tour is getting a video game and its first trailer has been released. The Grand Tour has been a tremendous success. The series, which was formed on the back of presenting trio Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May departing BBC's Top Gear with producer Andy Wilman, broke Amazon streaming records with its first season back in 2016. This was then followed up by a successful second season across 2017 and 2018, with more in the pipeline.

However, alongside the core show there have also been plans for other media with The Grand Tour. This summer, a video game based on the series was announced, promising an arcade-like experience with split-screen multiplayer and heavy ties to the show. Indeed, players would be able to enjoy elements of season 3 of The Grand Tour via the release of episodic content, akin to games like Hitman.

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Now, fans of the show have been given a first true trailer for the game, this time showing off a little of the driving in action. Narrated by May, the trailer attempts to bring to light the game's transitions between sections of footage from the show and controllable gameplay. The trailer in question can be seen below, so PS4 and Xbox One players owners close attention.

Switching between clips of Clarkson, Hammond, and May and actual gameplay is an interesting way to frame the title, but it's perhaps the best way to encapsulate the tone of the show as a whole. After all, The Grand Tour is propelled by the relationship between the three, and so putting too much of an emphasis on the player might make it feel less authentic as something based on the property.

In terms of the gameplay footage shown, not much is given away to fans. The sections of the trailer that show what would be player-controlled segments are both at race tracks, although overall the game does promise to take players to exotic locations in line with the most memorable moments of the show. Obviously, if this will tie in directly to season 3, Amazon Game Studios might want to keep that information under lock and key.

Overall, though, it does seem like an interesting concept. Video games based on television shows and movies can be a gamble, but if enough care is shown it could be a very interesting game to play, particularly given the episodic structure. Indeed, with F1 2018 and Forza: Horizon 4 both impressing, it seems as though it's a strong time for racing video games, and hopefully The Grand Tour will be able to add to that.

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