Amazon Orders Sci-Fi Anthology Series From Ron Moore & Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston to star in Philip K. Dick-inspired Electric Dreams series

When it comes to science fiction, there are few who are as popular or influential as Philip K. Dick. Dick published numerous books and short stories in the 1950s and some of the most well-received science fiction films ever made have been based on his work. Dick's short story "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" was turned into Blade Runner and his short story "We Can Remember it for You Wholesale" was adapted into Total Recall. Other movies based on his work include Minority Report, The Adjustment Bureauand A Scanner Darkly. His stories have also been adapted to radio, theater, television, and comic books.

Coming a generation after Dick there's also Ronald D. Moore, who started his career by writing scripts for Star Trek: The Next Generation, for which he later became a producer. He continued in both roles on the spin-off Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and also produced a couple of episodes for Star Trek: Voyager before moving on. He continued working on science fiction television, as an executive producer and writer for Roswell before developing the series Battlestar Galactica and its spinoff Caprica. He currently executive produces Outlanderwhich may look like a period drama but has time travel firmly ingrained in the story.

Now these two giants of science fiction are going to have their names cemented together on a new project. According to Tracking Board, Amazon has ordered ten episodes of an anthology series based on various stories by Dick, with Moore as one of the executive producers. The series, titled Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams, is also executive produced by Michael Dinner and Bryan Cranston.

Blade Runner Harrison Ford sci-fi director's cut

Cranston is best known as an actor, specifically for his work on the series Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle as well as films such as Argo and Trumbo. On the surface, he may not appear to have as many science fiction credits as his fellow producer Moore, but he does have some history with the genre, including roles in Godzilla and the upcoming Power Rangers. (He also voiced a couple of villains during the original Power Rangers series.) Most interestingly, he had a role in the remake of Total Recall, so he does have a bit of a connection to Dick. Aside from executive producing, Cranston is slated to appear in one episode of the show, which will be written by Moore and Dinner.

Dinner has the least sci-fi connections of the players involved in this series, but he has been directing, writing, and producing episodes of television since 1985. He and Cranston both executive produce another Amazon series, Sneaky Pete. Amazon seems like a pretty good place for the series, which was originally supposed to be on Channel 4 and AMC. There is already another series on Amazon based on Dick's work, The Man in the High Castle.

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