Amazon’s The Boys Adaptation Casts Laz Alonso As Mother’s Milk

Mother's Milk The Boys

Amazon's TV show adaptation of comic book The Boys has found one of its leading stars, casting Laz Alonso as the character Mother's Milk.

Garth Ennis' uber-violent comic book ran from 2006-2012, focussing on a world where superheroes have been corrupted by their own celebrity status. The titular "Boys" are a CIA squad, tasked with policing the superpowered with violent consequences. Written to "out-Preacher Preacher," fans are expecting a particularly bloody show when Amazon brings The Boys to screens in 2019.

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The casting of superhero group The Seven had already been announced, but according to Deadline, Alonso will take the role of Mother's Milk. The site describes Mother's Milk as the "second in command of the Boys, he’s is a great detective, highly intelligent and observant and an intuitive investigator." Known for his role as Detective Billy Soto on procedural comedy The Mysteries of Laura, Alonso also played antagonist Fenix Calderon in 2009's Fast & Furious and starred as Na'vi warrior Tsu'tey in Avatar. Although the lead character of Billy Butcher is yet to be cast, Alonso's role is a major one for the straight-to-series show. He joins an already impressive roster of talent, which includes True Detective's Erin Moriarty, Banshee's Antony Starr, and House of Cards' Dominique McElligott.

For those who haven't read the acclaimed comic series, Mother's Milk's name comes from the fact he is the "purest" member of the team, often using his heart over his head. However, keeping with the show's presumed dark theme, will audiences see some more of Mother's Milk's graphic storylines come into play? His name has a double meaning as the only member of team exposed to the Compound V drug that grants superpowers. To help sustain his life, the character is known to have continued breastfeeding to an advanced age and maybe even to this day.

The Boys was once set for a feature film in 2009, but after the project stalled, television networks have been struggling to bring the idea to life ever since. Thankfully, Amazon will produce in a joint venture with Sony Pictures Television Studios for the series written and created by Supernatural's Eric Kripke. Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen will direct, while Ennis and co-creator/illustrator Darick Robertson are expected to co-produce.

With shows like American Gods and Preacher doing so well with their no-nonsense approach for adapting every blood splatter from page to screen, a show like The Boys has the potential to satisfy a more violent craving for comic book tv shows. Alongside the likes of the upcoming Watchmen TV series, expect The Boys to be one of the biggest shows of the next few years thanks to its direct parody of fan-favorite superhero teams like Justice League and The Avengers. Welcome to the dysfunctional family Mr. Alonso.

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Source: Deadline

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