Amazon’s Graphic Novel Adaptation The Boys Starts Production

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Production has officially begun on Amazon's The Boys, the long-in-development adaptation of the popular graphic novel. While Marvel and DC have both had their share of projects stuck in development hell for decades, indie publishers have suffered the same fate when it comes to their biggest names. Locke & Key, for instance, has spent a decade working its way to television and nearly made it until Hulu passed earlier this year. Likewise, the Wildstorm/Dynamite graphic novel The Boys has long enjoyed prestige as a comic but it's taken close to ten years for the Garth Ennis book to be adapted.

Back in 2010, Adam McKay was all set to bring The Boys to the big screen. Things went quiet, however, until Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg came aboard in 2015 with the aim to adapt the series for TV. And though Rogen has since departed, The Boys will finally get its due as Amazon is moving forward with the series. In fact, some of the final hurdles seem to have been cleared as filming has already started on the series.

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Director Dan Trachtenberg shared an image of the clapper from The Boys, signaling work has begun on the first episode. While there's still the chance Amazon could ultimately pass on the series, things seem to be shaping up for the gritty take on the superhero genre.

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In the world of The Boys, superheroes have become vain and corrupt, while the titular team is in charge of keeping them in line. Like Ennis' Preacher, the series is both dark, violent, and funny. With AMC having plenty of success bringing that book to life, Amazon seems ready for their own piece of the pie. So if all goes well, the new series should arrive later this year.

Ahead of production starting, the cast of the show has been filling out. Suicide Squad's Karen Fukuhara has joined The Boys, alongside Erin Moriarty, Laz Alonso, and more. Fukuhara won't be the only comic book movie alumnus on the team, either, as Dredd's Karl Urban is playing Billy Butcher in The Boys. Between the star power and premise, Amazon seems to have the makings of a hit. And as they look to compete with the likes of HBO, Netflix, and AMC, The Boys will certainly be a jewel in their crown. From The Walking Dead to Preacher, dark indie comic adaptations have done exceptionally well, so for fans of The Boys there's plenty to be hopeful about.

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The Boys is expected to air on Amazon later this year.

Source: Dan Trachtenberg

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