Amazing Trailer For 'Where The Wild Things Are'

Spike Jonze' newest creation Where The Wild Things Are has been on my movie radar ever since it was announced (in fact, even before that, in a general "looking forward to Jonze's next movie" sort of way). And the release of some great images and a fantastic promo poster for the film have fueled the fire of  my excitement.

With the still images having given us a feel for the film and a sense of the general plot outline, it's just about the perfect time for a trailer, so that we can fully and properly get geared up for the release of Where The Wild Things Are later this year.

If this were any other director then I would say the brilliance of the following trailer was just down to some seriously skilled editors (those who trick us into thinking crappy movies look worthwhile to see). But since it's the wonderfully creative mind of Spike Jonze who's behind the film, I am willing to say it's his creativity that makes the trailer look as good as it does (although the inclusion of "Wake Up" by the brilliant band Arcade Fire doesn't exactly hurt).

Brace yourself for one amazing trailer:


Wow... just wow.

I like to consider myself a pretty good judge of when a film's trailer looks good because of good editing, and when a film is going to truly measure up to that good trailer. And Where The Wild Things Are definitely looks like a case of the latter. It gives off the sense of awe and wonder that has been hoped for and expected from this film, and if nothing else those monster designs are quite stunning. It's nice to see physical suits be used instead of the copious amounts of CGI we see nowadays (if I'm mistaken, and that is CGI, they've done a fantastic job with it - but I seriously doubt that it is).

Needless to say I'm completely stoked about what Spike Jonze has to offer with his latest sure-to-be-wild creation (or at least the title seems to suggest so). He hasn't let me down so far, and after seeing the images, poster and now this trailer for the film, it has moved way up on my most anticipated list for 2009.

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Does it look as good to you as it does to me?

Where The Wild Things Are is scheduled for an October 16th, 2009 release.


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