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The Shadow King Unfinished

The Shadow King is one masterpiece we may never get to see. Helmed by Henry Selick, the director of the acclaimed stop-motion film Coraline, The Shadow King had all the makings to be a success.

The movie follows an orphan with unusually long fingers who figures out that he can make

shadows come to life. These shadows then become his army in a shadow war. The boy must defeat a shadow monster before it destroys New York. As crazy as the premise sounds, anyone who saw Coraline knows that this would have been a visually stunning film and compelling story.

Unfortunately, after spending $50 million, for budget concerns and other unknown reasons Disney pulled out of the project. Though The Shadow King was originally set to come out in 2013, it has stayed in limbo ever since. Selick doesn't want us to lose all hope yet, saying recently as 2016 that he's still working on completing the film.

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